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iDEF: Ready for launch

Posting live from the eGames expo and Digital Lifestyle Show! This week has been insanely busy with all that’s been required to get ready for the elroyonline booth at the eGames expo and Digital Lifestyle show.

Buzzmoo and his hair arrived yesterday, as did Furious, his posse. We’ve got most of the stand ready – we’re just waiting on a couple of bits of furniture to arrive and we’ll be able to set up the massive 50″ Plasma screen that Panasonic have been awesome enough to provide for the weekend. Not only will we be able to blast passer’s by with 50″ of Powers Cosmic and Remote Viewing episode… but we’ll also be screening a brand new Powers Cosmic episode (only just complete in the wee hours of yesterday morning).

The guys from CDWOW have also come to the party big time again, not only did they give us the $250 gift voucher to give away, but a box of give-away goodies arrived yesterday — full of games, awesome classic horror DVDs, t-shirts, buttons, stickers… the works — so we’ll be giving them away throughout the course of the show.

If you’re in melbourne this weekend… and lets face it, you really don’t have any good reason not to be… swing by the expo and the elroyonline booth and introduce yourself… there could be a dvd in it for you! You can’t miss us either we’re the ugly mob wearing the spectacular Powers Cosmic t-shirts!

More updates (and some images) to come!

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