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Powers Cosmic: Episode 02

Powers Cosmic: Episode 02 Release Info

It only just occurred to me, as I was uploading the video files (and accompanying images and what not) for this new Powers Cosmic episode, that this is the first time that the characters have been seen in a location out side of the e-shack. This episode takes place in a cinema… a venue that appears in several other upcoming scripts!

For a variety of reasons (all technical), both Furious and I have been having no end of trouble with our dialogue recording. Two separate problems, but both with the same solution: Cold hard cash. Hopefully we’ll both have new apparatus soon and the audio quality should improve dramatically… This is my way of preparing you for the poor audio quality of this episode. As far as the poor script, shoddy editing, dodgy animation, talentless voice acting and ham-fisted illustrations go… well, you’re going to have to prepare yourself for them on your own!

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    Vampires in space? An untapped niche if you ask me.

  • Love this episode. Love vampires.

    Vampires in Space has been done before for those who are interested. Life Force – 1985. Not a great movie as I recall, but an OK movie.

    Then you had that Friday the 13th movie with Jason in space. Almost a vampire – at least he never seems to die. Ok, nothing like a vampire really.

  • There was a Friday movie with Jason *in space*???? Man, I clearly have no idea what I’m missing

  • You wasted so much popcorn then.

  • Aaaaawesome work, guys. I often work myself into circles like that too… just not during a movie. Is that an actuall bad habit of yours, Furious? :p

  • No way… I hate assholes who talk during movies. Sorry to ruin your suspension of disbelief, but elroy and I aren’t the same people as our characters :p

  • Jamie: Holy crap, I have to watch that.

  • Only one film can help us decide if vampries can survive in space! It shall be the sequel to Nightwatch and Daywatch: Twilightwatch. This is assuming a certain special scene survives the translation from book to film…

  • Pfft… book…