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Powers Cosmic: Episode 01

Powers Cosmic: Episode 01 Release Info

The plan to do an animated version of the Powers Cosmic comic has been in the works for a while — Remote Viewing spawned directly out of the test animations that I’ve been doing over the past year or so — in fact, anyone who attended last year’s eGames may have seen a very early ‘draft’ episode playing on the big screen on the main stage (it involved Elroy and Furious playing Guitar Hero).

Well, with the expo once again looming large on the horizon, I thought that it was time to actually get this show on the road.

So, what are the animated episodes of Powers Cosmic going to be all about? I’m glad you asked! The idea was really just to capture random chunks of conversation and animate them… the very, very sad fact is that much of what you’ll see in these cartoons is very close to verbatim chunks of actual conversations that I’ve been a part of, usually with Furious, but sometimes with other morons that I find myself conversing with on a far too regular basis.

This first episode is shorter than most of the scripts that have already been written, but Furious and I both thought that it was a pretty good representation of what can be expected from future episode… that is, completely pointless waffle about entirely useless topics.

As with Remote Viewing, I’ll soon create a landing page for Powers Cosmic, where you’ll be able to see the episodes in all their un-scaled glory. For now though, you can either watch them here, by signing up to the ‘elroyonline‘ podcast (formerly the Remote Viewing podcast) or by keeping an eye on my YouTube.


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    Anyone complaining about the dialogue, we recorded that over a year ago. I think.

  • How would you know! You weren’t even there!

    And besides that, nobody said anything yet… let alone complain about anything… sheesh, talk about paranoid!

  • Two guys on a couch isn’t a ‘cavalcade’. It’s even struggling to achieve ‘bevy’. Still, I’ll be in line waiting for an autograph.

  • Autographs are ten bucks a pop, bub.

    Get in line.

  • Waffle…waffle…waffle (where IS this going?)…punchline…LOL (actually, i really did snort out loud…very ladylike). Splendid! I have similar conversations with G all the time…he says, ‘You know, the guy from that show we saw, the guy with the, um, hair, like the guy in, you know, that film i like…” Except that i’m a dud with actor/character names, so just sit there staring blankly at him. Not so much comedy value in that.

  • I’m not sure I’m comfortable with the spreading of such outrageous lies!

    If people get the idea that there’s some kind of actual *punch-line* in this episode, then they’re going to start expecting them all the time… and trust me, that path only leads to disappointment!

  • LOL. I found that funny. Though I’m sure I saw that whole sketch on Psych, with different names.

    Prove me wrong!

    Now, can we get the full re-enactment of this episode at the eGames Expo?

  • Probably, but elroy would likely forget who all those actors are. He’s got such a terrible memory for that kind of thing.

  • @Jamie: No way this was stolen from Psych dude… I mean, how can you even suggest such a thing, when Powers Cosmic doesn’t end with a forced ‘pretend’ blooper!?

  • What about Detective Charlie Cruz? Or Vic Mackey? Those two dudes rock.

    Not as much rockin as that Powers Cosmic thing I just watched. I think I might go copy it on my site. Bam.

    Nice work Elroy and Furry.

  • @Morgs,

    Does Mackey actually ask questions? Cruz does, though they’re getting increasingly dull. Am I right? yeah yeah? /wanders off

  • xIke, cruz asks many questions, often times they are just there for his amusement. I reckon he asks more questions in his head than to other people :) dont think its getting dull. i reckon the show is picking back up after an awesome start to season 2 and a recent run of odd plots.

    MACKEY dont need to ask any questions. That bald nut of his just bashes the answer out of people. Cannot wait to see the end of this season…last season for good. Shane is in deep-o shit-o!