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EOL: eGames, DLS and Booty

As some of you may already know, I’ve been heavily involved with the eGames Expo from its inception, and while you’ve always been able to find me at the expo you’d usually have to have had your running shoes on to keep up with me while I pretended to be busy. Not this year though! Because, by popular request — nay, DEMAND! — ELROYONLINE (EOL) will actually be occupying floor-space that could have otherwise been sold to someone with far more interesting stuff to promote than me!

This year things are a little different for eGames, which is at the Melbourne Exhibition Centre from the 14th to the 16th of November this year. For a start it’s now part of the International Digital Entertainment Festival (iDEF), and sits along side the Digital Lifestyle Show (DLS) — which is actually the part that the EOL booth will be located in! — which means that, over the next few years eGames has a far greater opportunity to grow into the largest event of its type in Australia, and possibly beyond.

What’s that I hear you say? “That all sounds nice, but an ELROYONLINE booth doesn’t sound like it’ll be very interesting”. Seriously, do you ever get tired of being Mayor McWrong of Wrong Town, Wrongtopia… Population: WRONG! Not only will your visit to the ELROYONLINE booth leave you pungent with the stench of awesome, but you’ll also have the chance to meet, and talk movies / nerdy / pointless-crap with, yours truly and my Powers Cosmic side-kick, Furious! Want more? Well is supplying us with a top of the line Buzzmoo for the entire length of the show! Not to mention totally unscheduled appearances by other internet nobodies too!

Still want more? Ok, fine! For some reason that Buzzmoo guy is in on the ground floor of this whole “One Laptop per Child” whatsit, and because this whole charity hub-bub is new to him, Buzzmoo’s going to abuse his position and deny at least three children their allocated OLPC XOs for the duration of the expo. Just so that a rich bastard like you can get your hands on one for a few minutes!

What’s more, you’ll be able to use one of the OLPC XO’s at the ELROYONLINE booth to enter the draw to win a totally friggin awesome $250 voucher! That’s right, go nuts buying all the DVDs, CDs and Video Games that you can stand! And because CD Wow is Australia’s biggest online entertainment catalogue with chart CD’s, DVD’s and games from just $16.95 (plus free delivery!) that $250 bucks is going to go a very long way! Hell, with $250 you could buy yourself more than a dozen copies of Feris Bueller’s Day Off… and still have change left over!

There’s some big stuff coming up for this site over the next few months, and the ELROYONLINE booth at eGames / DLS is only the tip of the iceberg. We’re all looking forward to having a great time at the show so swing by, introduce yourself and see if you can’t score some free stuff!

For more information about iDEF, eGames and The Digital Lifestyle show, visit Or just drop me an email if you want to volunteer to be an ELROYONLINE BOOTH BABE!

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    Y’know, G would make an awesome booth babe, but, alas, he’ll be with me in Osaka that weekend, so won’t be available. He looks great is tight sequins, mores the pity. Hope the show, and specifically your booth, is a blast and highlight for all attending nerds!

  • I’ve been doing my best to enslav… er i mean recruit potential booth babes (of the actual female variety, thanks skewergirl) but so far I’ve only been able to get James/Gazebo, and, well, yeah he’s not really a girl. Not much of anything really :o

  • Beggars can’t be chooses Furious… and so far, given that the sequined g-man is going to be out of the country, Gazebo is the best we can hope for.

    Just be sure to hose him down before you pack him into the bus for the trip over from Adelaide.

  • Sounds like the expo is going to be cutting edge.
    Best of luck with the Elroyonline booth and I hope it takes you National.

  • Hey, I’m not taking the damned bus, I haven’t taken the bus to Melbourne in years.

  • It’s practically cheaper to fly, isn’t it? But then you do miss out on that fabulous midnight roadhouse break to rush the loos and eat tepid, chewy dim sims.

  • I’d go over during the day anyway, but it’s not cheaper to fly.

    We’re driving over, 4 people in a station-wagon. Roadtrip: Fuck yeah!