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DVD: Aqua Teen Hunger Force V3


This is probably one of the hardest reviews I’ve ever had to write. Not because I can’t find anything good to say about the AQUA TEEN HUNGER FORCE Volume 3 DVD, but because beyond “Aqua Teen Hunger Force is the most awesome show ever, watch it now!” I’m not entirely sure that I’ve got any more to add. Although I will add that, like many other titles in the Adult Swim family, Aqua Teen Hunger Force is at the extreme end of the ‘acquired taste’ scale.

Given that I’m talking about volume three of this awesome show I’m going to assume that anyone who’s watched the first two volumes is already a fan. Anyone who hasn’t been watching though, really should start! If only to discover if this is your new favourite show or not.

To some degree Aqua Teen Hunger Force owes it’s origin to one of the Williams Street Studios previous creations, SPACE GHOST COAST TO COAST, and is essentially a spin-off. However in a strange turn of events, the episode of Space Ghost in which an early, unrefined version of the characters appear, wasn’t even animated until after the Aqua Teen series had begun airing.

The Aqua Teen Hunger Force is made up of three members: Frylock, Meat Wad and Master Shake. These three food products (Frylock is a floating sleeve of French-fries, Master Shake is a thick shake and Meat Wad, as his name suggests, is a meat ball) all have some kind of super-power and initially banded together to form a crime fighting team. However, adding to the brilliance of this show, the whole crime fighting angle was soon abandoned — as was any need for coherent story-lines — to make room for insane interaction between the main characters.

In the beginning each episode would open with a classic Saturday morning cartoon establishing sequence, where we’d see the evil scientist, Dr. Weird, release his latest creation onto the unsuspecting world. The Aqua Teen Hunger Force would spring into action and attempt to thwart the mad Doctor’s creation and save the city. Very quickly though, the relationship between the establishing sequence and the actual events of the episode became less and less connected. The series devolved into a show about three giant food products who all have a questionable grasp on reality, share a house together and interacting with their ever suffering neighbour, Carl, and an array of weird reoccurring characters.

This third volume introduces a few more off-beat characters and brings back many of the old ones. In essence it’s more of the same, but I mean that in a good way! Aqua Teen Hunger Force is, for mine, the jewel in the very silly looking crown worn by Adult Swim. As much as I love THE BRAK SHOW, HARVEY BIRDMAN and ROBOT CHICKEN, I’m always looking forward to the next Aqua Teen Release. My only disappointment with the Volume Three DVD is that there aren’t more commentary tracks — only the last four episodes sport commentaries — but that’s not to say that aren’t stacks of extras. Anyone who’s already an Aqua Teen Hunger Force fan needs to add this two DVD set to their collection ASAP, however if you’re yet to become acquainted with the show it’s probably best that you start with volume one. This wont help make any of it make more sense, but at least you wont be wondering if you missed something along the way! [source]

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