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Remote Viewing: Episode 05

Remote Viewing: Episode 05 Release Info

Well, I missed the end of the month, but only by a couple of days. This episode of Remote viewing may be the last one for a while as the surgery on my left eye is only a couple of weeks away. Now, I say that there may not be a new episode for a while, only because I have no idea just how far out of sorts I’ll be afterwards. I’ve been relying heavily on my left eye over the past 15 months, while the right eye heals from the first surgery. The problem is that I still have stitches in the right eye, so I have no idea what I’ll actually be capable of doing after the op.

That said, I’ll most likely keep posting reviews and such, even if they’re less comprehendible than usual.

Anyway, back to this latest Remote Viewing episode… Enjoy!

~ elroy

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  • That may be the best review of The Clone Wars that I’ve seen yet. Added The Ruins to my Netflix too… I never gave Harvey Birdman a chance…so many of the other adult swim shows didn’t do it for me, once I settled on a few that I liked I never tried the others- may have to pick it up after I catch up on everything else.

  • @Xike. Harvey is something of a sleeper IMO, it’s one of those shows that gets under your skin… plus I’m a sucker for the kind of nostalgia it congers up, and then pokes fun at.

  • Whats up with all this BuzzMoo spam, honestly?

    As soon as I heard about Furious’ in depth review my expectations were high… and they were well and truly met. Well done.

  • Buzzmoo has just set his site back up and is clearly fascinated by all things elroyonline… which is perfectly healthy behaviour.

    Now if only that guy who ran the Home of Leetness would get his act together again, then we’d have something to spam about!

  • Jorror movies are a little lame I find. Zombie girls with long black hair that cover their faces crawling around slowly. How is that scary? You could walk away faster than they can crawl.

    It’s like that whole thing with Ringu. People crawling out of the TV. So walk outside. Pretty easy.

    My wife suggests that in Japan a person’s residence is usually much much smaller so there is less room to run and escape, so maybe that is why it is scarier in Japan than in Australia.

    And “Jorror” FTW

  • As an aside, I havent actually seen “Clone Wars” (Or Episode 3 for that matter), but I think my review still stands.

  • I have seen it Furious, your review is both highly accurate and also really that is all that needs to be said about it.

  • Well, I’ve seen it too… AND I actually scripted Furious’ review… so not only is it is accurate, but it are well writed also.

  • Yeah, elroy, you done good writed a review.

  • OH YA

  • I don’t know how i managed to spam that initial comment… my powers but have been greater than I imagined.

    Harvey Birdman i’ll do.

    And what DID happen to the Home of Leetness anyway? It’s almost as long gone as Moonie Johnson.

  • *must have been greater!

  • That’s some good writeding there Buzzmoo.

    Not sure what ever became of Moonie Johnson… maybe he got himself a life. Loser!