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DVD: Frisky Dingo Season 1

frisky dingo

There’s very little left for super-heroes Awesome-X and the Xtacles to do, once they’ve defeated every super-villain in the city, so head of the company board, Stan, makes plans for Xander Crews to retire his alter-ego (Awesome-X) and begin learning to run the multi-billion dollar company that bears his name. Xander has other plans however, and they include making sure that he’s able to continue his antics as Awesome-X… the Xtacles (who are unaware of Awesome-X’s true identity) aren’t very happy about having to take a pay cut.

Unbeknownst to Xander, the Xtacles, and everyone else even remotely attached to the plot of this show, a villain named KIllface has plans to complete construction of the Annihilatrix, a giant engine of sorts, which will drive the earth into the sun. Unfortunately being unbeknownst, isn’t exactly close enough to ‘feared and reviled’ for Killface, so he sets out trying to create a marketing campaign to increase his public profile.

Created by Matt Thompson and Adam Reed (co-creators of Sealab 2021), FRISKY DINGO has a fantastically twisted plot. Both in the sense that it’s completely ridiculous and that it constantly folds back on itself like all the very best heist movies do. One could be forgiven for thinking that these guys started writing this series knowing how the season would end, and then worked backwards trying to create the most inexplicable method of getting their character’s to that conclusion. This may be why it took a couple of episodes for me to warm to this show, which, had I been watching them on television — with a week between shows — may not have happened. But as I sat down with this DVD and watched it in a marathon session (if you can call just under 3 hours a marathon), I was well and truly hooked by the time the show found its feet.

For me, I didn’t find this show to be hysterically funny. It’s certainly amusing and there are a few good laughs through the series, but this show is more about the bemusement created by the utter silliness of what transpires. At one point during my Frisky Dingo marathon Barb (my better half) walked into the room and, with complete shock, asked why the characters on screen were naked. For me, the fact that there was a character running around naked was the least unusual thing about what was going on at the time and, as I tried explained the plot, Barb left the room saying only, “Riiiiight!”.

Despite the silliness of the plot, and the ridiculousness of their motivations, Frisky Dingo has a really strong, distinct cast of characters. Each of them fills their own space and even the most peripheral of characters are well-defined. Which is needed, because many of the characters have their own adventures or mutate into other things, so having them so clearly defined makes it easier to keep track of the convoluted plot.

Disappointingly, there’s very little in the way of extra’s on this DVD… and when I say ‘little’ I mean, none. You get the complete first season of the show and that’s it. But, if you enjoy the show, that’s probably enough. As far as Adult Swim titles go, for me this one is up there pretty high on the list of the ones that I’ve really enjoyed. It’s not quite flying with Aqua Teen Hunger Force, or The Brak Show, but it’s the sort of show that I’m bound to start forcing my fiends to watch… Well, the ones who have a good sense of humour anyway. [source] [source]

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