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Remote Viewing: Episode 03

Remote Viewing: Episode 03 Release Info

Well, it was touch and go there for a little while! At some unfathomable hour of Wednesday morning I was working away on this episode when the harddrive that I have set aside for Remote Viewing (and another animated project that a select few have seen), decided to fail.

Now, when I say ‘fail’, I don’t mean that it started to play up… No, it simply died. After the blind panic wore off, I pulled the drive out of the computer and stuck it in an external drive case, just to see if powering it up a few times would get it reading again, but that also failed to produce anything helpful. So, as a last resort I… well, resorted to one of those computer related voodoo solutions that always sound so implausible that they simply must work! Yeap, I wrapped the drive in a hand-towel, then sealed it in a zip-lock bag and stuck it in the freezer.

I’ve used the freezer trick to recover data before, but never my own and never stuff that I had a personal investment in. Whatever results the process would bear, wouldn’t be known for… well, for however long my urge to rip the drive out of the freezer attempt to perform a recovery from it, lasted. Which, as it turns out, was about 16 hours.

Fortunately, I was able to recover everything of value on the drive and, needless to say, have a nice safe back up system in place now.

This latest episode of Remote Viewing should have been completed yesterday, but the drive failure (ftp shenanigans, and a few ocular issues) set me back a bit.

The episode is more adult than the previous ones, and is far more cinema focused: Covering The Incredible Hulk, The Happening, The Orphanage and DVD (import) of Chrysalis. There’s a warning at the start of this one too, because I felt a little unsure of some of the information that I covered in the The Happening section of the episode, basically I was a little unsure of what is currently considered ‘common knowledge’ regarding the movie’s plot and what’s still considered a ‘spoiler’. So if you’ve not seen that film yet, then I suggest you skip over that bit!


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    Elroy, you didn’t by any chance do the original voiceover for Totally Wild did you? :D