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Remote Viewing: Save Dollhouse PSA

Remote Viewing: Save Dollhouse PSA Release Info

Looking back over the posts from the last month I realised that I hadn’t really done many reviews this time ’round and that meant that content for the next episode of Remote Viewing would be a little wanting. So instead, I figured I’d just make a promo or some such, just to fill the gap between the last episode and whenever the next one is. The promo idea went out the window after I wrote the last post however, and the idea of doing a Public Service Announcement regarding the Eliza Dushku / Joss Whedon series, Dollhouse, became lodged in my head… So an all nighter and one particularly bloodshot eye later, I ended with the video posted above. Enjoy.

Here’s a [YouTube] link if you’re so inclined.

And a one too!

Which brings me to a couple of other bits of news relating to Remote Viewing.

The one that should be immediately obvious is the new video player that I’m using. It’s a work of art, crafted by life-long bachelor and jaded cynical bastard, Dennis (better known as xike to those who read the comments here at EOL). Dennis pretended to use a technology that he completely imagined called ‘flex’, but while I’m pretty sure it’s just flash, he seems to have pulled the wool over some fool’s eyes and is apparently being paid to pretend to write this imaginary new coding language.

Whatever it actually is, Flex, Flash, Flesh or other wise, the player has a couple of cool additions. Not only does the new player… erm.. play video, but it also has a neat EweToob like feature that allows you, the viewer, to scroll through a menu and watch any of the previously released videos… without leaving the comfort of the current page!

Finally, Remote Viewing has it’s own landing page now! Don’t worry, RV is still totally a part of EOL! I just wanted it to have it’s own site so that it would be as easy as pie to find the latest episode… and all the others, because the RV page is using the same player as the one embedded above. RV episodes will still be released here on EOL, but because I used my totally not imaginary PHP skills, the RV site will automatically update to show the latest release! Also, the player on the RV page isn’t scaled, so you’ll get to see the episodes there in all their 512×288 glory.

Best part of all this is that there’s no need to reach for your credit card, because it’s all free! Don’t say I never give you anything… but if you see Dennis (xike) be sure to give him any loose change you have with you, the guy has a PS3 habit to support.

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    You’re joking, right?

  • I thought that was obvious!

    The video is intended to be a bit of fun. Anyone who takes offence to anything in it (be they a Whedon fan or a Moonlight lover) has clearly missed that intention.

    I mean, everyone knows that not ALL of Whedon’s shows have been cancelled (Buffy came to its own end) and that Moonlight was a rip off of Forever Night, not Angel (Just kidding!!!).

  • I’m with mnlightlover…I totally thought this was a real PSA to save Dollhouse. Color me surprised. But, you were at least serious about the universe being dependent part right?


  • Looks like a flash player to me!!

  • Hasn’t the very existence of the universe always been dependent on Joss Whedon?
    Very amusing vid – i really look forward to seeing DH (and doing my bit to save the universe by supporting JW), and not just for the eye candy. :-)

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  • I don’t think they do, Elroy!

  • Again… but this time you’re a German bar wench with a lisp…

    …and big boobs.