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Sequel: Defiling Donnie Darko

Some ideas are so boneheaded that they could only possibly come from Hollywood. This idea is so exceptionally boneheaded that it’s entered the charts with a bullet and, while it’s virtually impossible to keep any accurate measure of the bonehead ideas happening on a minute by minute basis, has to be considered one of the boniest headed movie ideas ever to have slithered from the rectum of Hollywood’s ‘out of ideas’ factory.

Donnie Darko has been dead since 2001. For a while his crushed corpse was able to decay peacefully while enjoying the appreciation of a respectfully enthusiastic audience. But in 2004 Richard Kelly, who originally wrote and directed Donnie Darko, returned to Donnie’s grave with is best exhuming shovel.

Kelly proceeded to defile Donnie’s remains and, in the process, made it abundantly clear that his greatest contribution to the original release of the film was in keeping out of the way of those who knew what they were doing. By the time the cadaver of Donnie Darko was re-entombed it had been given a fresh coat of spackle, but all of charm that originally accompanied it to the grave had been washed down the drain pipe in the centre of Richard kelly’s cellar floor.

For another four years Donnie’s disfigured remnants have attempted to find peace, but now Donnie’s little sister Samantha (Daveigh Chase) is paying a visit to the place of his final repose. Sadly, her purpose there isn’t to place flowers and pay her respects. No, her plan is to defecate on Donnie’s headstone, but not before she too digs up his carcass and cavorts about with it, Weekend at Bernie’s style.

According to ScreenDaily, the plot of this straight to DVD travesty revolves around Daveigh’s character Samantha, and is set seven years after the events of Donnie Darko. Samantha and her friend, Corey, are plagued by bizarre visions while on a road trip to LA. MoviesOnline takes the synopsis a little further:

Samantha, Donnie’s  younger sister, who, in the wake of his death, has found herself at 17  with a broken family, mired in feelings of insignificance, and with no  aspirations for the future.  The archetypal character study and genre   mixing of Donnie Darko is reprised, but with a fresh spin on the roles  within the Tangent Universe that warrants the telling of this darker,  more jaded tale of tragedy, second chances, sacrifice and rebirth.

Richard Kelly isn’t involved in the project, currently titled S.DARKO, instead television director Chris Fisher will take the blame instead. Along with Daveigh, Ed Westwick [Son Of Rambow, Gossip Girl], Briana Evigan [Step Up 2] and Justin Chatwin [Dragon Ball], have all been announced in the cast. But of course, Donnie himself wont be making an appearance as he’s busy filming Aquaman 2.

I have to admit that the actual synopsis doesn’t sound that bad, but there’s no way that this movie will measure up to the first release of Donnie Darko… unless all of the same cosmic forces which create the first film, line up again. Frankly (pardon the pun), if they were desperate to make a sequel, I’d have preferred to see what happened to Donnie’s girlfriend, Gretchen Ross, as it always appeared to me that she (and Donnie’s mother, President Roslin) carried some ‘residue’ of the timeline before Donnie ‘fixed’ things at the end of the movie.

As always, I’m more than happy to be proven wrong about this film being a huge mistake, but in this case I’m not even sure a guy in a rabbit suit has the power to set things right. [source] [source]

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    I’ve said this many times before, and this appears to be another appropriate place to say it, but I loved Donnie Darko when I saw it the second time on DVD (I wasnt really paying attention the first time, and I remember thinking that it ‘…looks like some wannabe Indy-film shit’)

    Anyway, when I heard the reports of what the directors DVD was about I was so upset that I got rid of my copy of the film (sold it for $10 to a mate, upon reflection, I probably shouldn’t gotten money for it, but in fact spent money on removing it from my life, on items such as gasoline and matches, or large cinder blocks).

    I never saw Richard “I masturbate to Furry porn” Kelly’s Director’s Cut, but from what I did hear it was painfully obvious that what was initially a film quite brilliantly constructed from the get-go was in fact a huge pile of manure which Sam Bauer and Eric Strand managed to carbonise and sculpt into quite a magnificent, strange yet compelling, art.

    Then Richard “I’m a talentless hack” Kelly managed to knock it all down, shit on it some more, and we have the Director’s Cut.

    Richard “I’m a huge cunt” Kelly, you’re a well… yeah. That’s exactly what you are.

  • Like a lot of others, I utterly enjoyed the original film.
    But a sequel? I only hope that Fisher (and whoever else is working on this), finds that, like Richard Kelly did, that all the planets, moons, stars and galaxies are in alignment when he goes to make this film. That is, if they can work over the noise of the Donnie Darko Cow being milked so damn hard.
    Hell, let’s pray for something good. Let’s pray, against all logic and reason, that this will be good. What else, other than prayer could save this?
    Maybe, if we’re lucky it’ll end up like the sequel to The Butterfly Effect: Something most people have never heard of. Something we never tie in to the original.

  • Perhaps its the scotch talking elroy, but what you just wrote man, well, it is both startling in its sheer horror but also incredibly fucking true. I love how you worked the whole corpse mangling element to the story of how Hollywig has once again proven its ineptitude.

    Donnie Darko was one of the handful of films that continued to resonate in my mind, consuming my thoughts for days after seeing it. Much like Requiem for a Dream did, I was often caught wondering, pondering and musing about the wonderous mind-fuck I had experienced with Donnie. As you said, the cosmic alignment wsa perfect for that movie, and the director’s cut sounded like he tried to take credit for the marvellous work the mystical powers of the universe weaved. Is it true they took out the song ‘Mad World’ from the re-cut of the film? If so, burn it. The thing about the movie was, as you said, everything just fell into place perfectly. It appeared in a time where I think many people needed to be tested, their movie-going brains needed a kick up the butt, and this was the movie to do so, without rubbing our faces in elitist, Nova-popcorn-eating, holier than thou dribble.

    To think they are doing a sequel, without, it seems, much of the cosmos and people behind it defies all logic. It is a perfect example of Hollywig logic though. Fuck them.

    I doubt I will even bother watching this movie, despite the fact that their ‘could’ have been some sort of sequel that did it justice…but this just seems too much of a mish mash. Bah humbug.

    Nothing compares to the original. Its a movie that fucked my mind, and never left a note in the morning. And Hollywig expects me to welcome it back with open arms? Pigs fucking arse.

  • I liked the original cut (i’ve seen it twice) but I’ve never made the time watch the directors cut.

    I wouldn’t say I’m a huge fan of this, now I suppose, franchise. But I like subtlety and I loved the score. Michael Andrews did top work here, on a tiny budget I assume…from an OST perspective I’m excited about a reprise…but i’m not holding my breath.

  • I must make a confession.

    I’ve never seen Donnie Darko. I know that this is blasphemy to admit on this website, but I’ve never had the opportunity. I don’t even know when it was filmed – it’s just always seemed to be there.

    I know that someone gets hit by a falling jet engine and that there is a family involved, but that’s all.

    Maybe after Iron Man…

  • No shame in not having seen it Macca. Personally, I was late to the party too. A mate of mine had been at me for ages to see it, so much so that I got sick of hearing about it and avoided seeing.

    It wasn’t until ages later that I stumbled across it in Blockbuster and decided to watch it… My mate was absolutely right, however I don’t believe that I’d have enjoyed it anywhere near as much as I did, if I hadn’t waited until I was ready.

    If anything Macca, the idea that this site may be some kind of catalyst for you seeing the movie makes me happy. I’d only be disappointed if you saw it and didn’t get the same amount of enjoyment out of it that myself (and the other guys who’ve commented here) have.

  • I dunno, with all that’s been and gone in the meantime, I kinda wish I’d never seen it, but I’m a horrible cynic and probably a nihilist.

  • This sounds an awful lot like another example of the phenomenon known as “professional” fan-fiction.

    Needless to say, I’m not looking forward to this. Let’s hope it gets stuck in pre-production hell where it belongs.

  • I thought the whisphers on the wind about Blair Witch 2 was a bad idea… but this? Man.

    …and I must say I was planning on checking out the Director’s Cut of Donnie Darko until I heard
    a) they took out “Mad World”
    b) some other comments in this thread

    Well by the sounds of it I’m glad I still have my original DVD.

    Some movies simply must not have a sequel. Donnie Darko is one of those movies. But yes, I hope for it’s success, but I gravely doubt it.

    Also agreed about Requiem for a Dream Morgs.

    I shall retire and forget I heard this tragic news.