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Remote Viewing: Episode 02

Remote Viewing: Episode 02 Release Info

The last couple of weeks have been a bit full on here in the eShack™, but I’ve finally managed to cobble together the second instalment of everyone’s favourite animated-recaptacular thing-a-me-jig: Remote Viewing.

This time round I’ve included recaps of Ben 10, Black Lagoon, Iron Man (how could I not?) and Fosters Home for Imaginary Friends.

I had hoped to be able to spend a bit more time refining my lip-syncing, but given that this is only my second attempt at it, I think it’s ok… for now. It’s something I really want to improve on – Same goes for the character animations.

The video is around 19.8 meg and has a 30 second cache, which means it should play right through on a 512 connection. I’ll put up other encodes if anyone is interested (just post a request in the comments).

If you want to share this episode of Remote Viewing, or embed it in your own site, [HERE] is the YouTube link.


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    Mate, that was great!

    Of course Iron Man had to make an appearance, and I reckon you could have done a three hour long mega video just on that awesome flick :D

    I’m digging this Remote Viewing thing, especially the animation with the ninja and the discs and the baby. That is pure awesome.

    Keep up the good work dude.

  • Cheers Morgs,

    Believe me, I could go on about Iron Man for days! As for the ninja, I have another intro thingy with him made, but I didn’t end up using it in this video.. maybe next time!

  • Excellent episode. Loved the ending!

    I don’t get how Iron Man can be included in a show called “Remote Viewing” which implies control over playback… perhaps a section for movies called “Unpausables”?

    Keep up the good work!

  • Perhaps you’re not thinking broadly enough as to just what type of content could be covered by a show with the title ‘Remote Viewing’. I mean, the name itself can be interpreted in many ways… not the least of which is to see it as a reference to that kooky project grill flame, where the American attempted to train / use psychic spies during the cold war.

  • I hope their faces fall off too, elroy.