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Movie: AstroBoy vs Nick Cage

astroboy It’s no secret, although in mainstream circles it’s been pretty quiet, but going back as far as September of 2006 it was known that IMAGI Animation Studios (the company which produced the CG Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles film) has been working on a CG movie adaptation of the classic — some would go so far as to say ‘founding’ — anime, Astroboy.

News regarding the actual production of the movie has been thin and primarily confined to the bolstering of the IMAGI roster: Maryann Garger (former DreamWorks and Ardman) joined as producer. Former ILM animator Colin Brady signed on to direct. However the only cast member to have been announced at this point is Freddie Highmore (Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, The Spiderwick Chronicles) as the voice of Astroboy himself.

But something of a scoop has fallen into the lap of yours truly this week and I’m pretty sure that this is still completely unconfirmed, but the villain which Astroboy faces in this film will be voiced by everyone’s favourite dork, Nick Cage. At this point few plot points or additional characters are known, so whether Cage is voicing a traditional character or one created especially for the movie remains to be seen.

Cage is currently in Melbourne filming the sci-fi drama KNOWING (also starring EOL favourite, Rose Byrne), in which he plays a man who races to prevent a time capsule of chilling prophecies from coming to fruition.

It’s unknown whether any of his current activities in Melbourne relate to his work with Astroboy, however he has apparently been sighted attending meetings at a South Melbourne Studio, noted for its audio productions, over the past weeks. [source] [source] [source]

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    Very interesting rumor. Wonder if it will come true. I could hear Cage as Dr. Tenma.

    Hope you don’t mind that I posted this on AstroBoy World (


  • Cheers Ninjatron.

    Thanks for the linkage – Hopefully this will pan out, it would be nice to see the AstroBoy film get a bit of mainstream coverage, perhaps someone like cage getting involved could be enough to boost it’s profile. Although, it’s beyond me as to why there hasn’t been more hype around this film already… perhaps as it gets closer to release things will pick up,

  • Thats right folks, you heard it here first at Elroy Online. If it turns out to be myth… err, late April Fools?

    Either way, I’ll go see the movie!

  • Well, it’s still a year or more away, so there hasn’t been much hype yet besides a few industry-targeted press releases. Most of the images of the film we’ve seen thus far are either just concept art or preliminary designs that won’t be what the movie actually ends up looking like. It’s a good possibility that we’ll get something of a better look at the movie at the San Diego Comic Con.

    Nic Cage would bring a lot of attention to this movie, and I’m pretty sure that he loves this stuff anyway. Someone working on the project just teased me in a way that leads me to believe there might just be some truth to this rumor. We’ll see!