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Horror: Vampires + Zombies = Awesome


It’s a simple theory really. Take something awesome and smash it together with something else awesome and hope like hell that it results in something even awesomer. That’s the theory being adapted to film from the pages of Blatant Comics title, LAST BLOOD.

What’s really cool, is that sometimes the awesome smashing machine spits out more than you put in, this is precisely the case with Last Blood. Take Vampires (awesome to the power of 10) add hordes of zombies (awesome to the power of 10) and you get something with the awesome value of 20a (awesome to the power of 20), right? WRONG!

In a basic sense Zombies are recruiters. They’re out to increase their numbers. They kill the puny humans and make new Zombies, who in turn go out and recruit more Zombies.

Vampires on the other hand don’t do too much recruiting. Their numbers are pretty firm, not concrete, but firm. On the whole they’re pretty happy to just snack on the aforementioned puny humans and keep to themselves.

So, what happens to the Vampires when the Zombie hordes have recruited the human race to near extinction? Like the old saying goes “The enemy of my enemy is my friend”. That’s right, the only solution that the Vampires have is to start protecting their dwindling food supply from FIVE BILLION Zombies! Which has an awesome factor of…. [carry the one…] HELLS YEAH!

There isn’t too much information available just yet regarding the adaptation of this comic series, other than the fact that Benderspink, the production company behind movies like THE RING and THE BUTTERFLY EFFECT, have taken on the project.

While the news is slim at the moment you can do what I just did, and read the online version of the comic… because if the awesome mathmatics above haven’t got you pumped for this movie, then the comic sure will! [source]

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    I have found that very few adaptations ever hit the mark. Mainly because comics, like their more literate predecessor (that would be ‘books’ – the ones they used to make movies about) allow for a greater percentage of reader imagination to help shape the plot’s nuiances suggested by word and picture.
    The double edged sword here is that the celluloid images created on screen can never expect to overshadow or even equal the images and overtures created by the original reader’s imagination.
    The best that a movie based on a graphic novel or book can do is create a different spin on the original material. Something that the director can call his own and not try and live up to the expectations of those who are the obvious fans of the original media. To try and mimic the original would be to court failure.
    You can’t please a fan(-atic)

  • Of course you’re right Macca. But with every adaptation you can always hope that core ideas are passed through from the original medium to the adaptation.

    I hope that Last Blood works on film – but if not, the news that this is happening has, at least, introduced me (and hopefully man others) to a comic that they may not have heard of before.