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Hulk: More Cross Overing?


Something that I’ve harped on about for a while now is the fact that Marvel has taken control over the way that their intellectual property is adapted to film (particularly since the five and a quarter million dollar credit arrangement was secured between Marvel Studios and Merrill Lynch & Co., Inc.), and how this will effect their ability to create movies which are a closer match to the way that story-lines play out in the source material.

I fully expected that from this point on we’d be seeing more character cross-overs, and am extremely excited by the prospect that we’ll be getting just that in the first title to be released by Marvel Studios new initiative, Iron Man: It was revealed a few weeks back that scenes had been shot which included an appearance by Hulk. Additionally there has been talk that Nick Fury would be making an appearance in both the Iron Man movie and Marvels retake on Hulk (title The Incredible Hulk).

All of which bodes very well for a huge character crossover event, using established actors in key roles, when it comes time for The Avengers movie to hit screens in 2011.

Of course, this only works because Marvel holds the licenses for these characters and, with far less fuss than anyone outside of the Marvel Studios, is able to bring multiple licensed characters together. Now, I’m no lawyer, and I am happy to openly admit that a lot of these licensing issues are far beyond the capacity of my television-show-theme-filled brain, but it seemed pretty clear to me that Marvel would have issues using characters currently licensed to other parties: Fantastic Four, X-Men, Spider-man for example. So, should it prove true, the news posted over on CBM today has caught me completely off guard and squealing like an exited little girl… of course this could all turn out to be a lame April fools joke… but that would make me cry… like a sad little girl. is reporting that sources close to Hulk director, Louis Leterrier, have confirmed that everybody’s favourite X-Man, Wolverine, will be making an appearance in the climatic battle sequence at the end of The Incredible Hulk. CBM surmises, and probably rightfully so, that Wolverine’s appearance is partly a promotional effort for the currently filming X-Men Origins: Wolverine prequel which is due for release in May, 2009 — almost a year after The Incredible Hulk is slated for release) — but who cares WHY he’s making the appearance!

Best of all, CBM says that this isn’t some CGI hack we’re talking about. Their word is that Hugh Jackman actually suited up to make the appearance! It would certainly lend a level of credibility to the ‘universe’ that Marvel have created if this sort of thing can happen between major movie projects… Either way (prank or not), Marvel are doing their characters AND audiences a level of JUSTICE, while others are happy to settle for lame recasting. [source]

Well, it turns out that my initial skepticism about the source of this post has proven correct. Despite the source post being made on the 31st of March the post on was intended as an April Fools joke. The source link of their post was later changed to reflect this – it originally linked to the cbm front page.

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    For the record, I’m sceptical about this report by CBM. But given that the item was posted on the 31st of March, not the 1st of April, I chose to give it the benefit of the doubt – of course the joke may very well be on me.. but that’s no prize, really.

  • Hahaha man did you click on the “Source: Get the FULL story HERE!” at the end of the report?

    Linked to

    You been had my friend.

    Goddamn knucklehead :D

  • I did click on the source link that was there when I originally made my post – it wasn’t to the wiki page then, and it didn’t say “get the full story” – it only said “source” and linked to the CBM front page.

    It’s one thing to have fun with a post, but changing the source like that is lame. Plus – aren’t April first jokes suppose to be perpetrated ON April first?

  • Oh I didnt know they changed that link.

    Thats stupid…they are the knuckleheads then duder not you :)

  • can only do practical jokes in the morning of April Fool’s Day.
    It’s the unspoken rule.
    So what DOES an excited squealing little girl’s cry sound like?…

  • Yeah, I always thought that was the rule too Macca. I get that the whole timing thing can be a little hard given the fact that the internet knows no time-zone. But, seriously, at very least a prankster should attempt to adhere to April Fools in their own time-zone.

    That said, a prank is a prank and they clearly had me convinced enough to inspire me to post – So I guess I’m the fool here… but anyone who has been to this site before knows that already! :P

    Oh, and I’m not sure that I can describe the sound Macca, but the good news is that you can usually come away with a lollypop or some other confectionary!

  • For some reason, something between Mary Poppins and Anne of Green Gables pops to mind… with a lot of hopping on the spot and frenzied clapping.
    Ah well, as long as no wee got out, you have nothing to worry about.

  • LOL, you’ve got a worrying mind macca.