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Remote Viewing: Episode 01

Remote Viewing: Episode 01 Release Info

Over the past month or so I’ve had a great time sorting through a stack of DVDs and spiting out what barely passes as reviews of them. On the whole I’ve been pretty positive about them, and that’s genuinely because I really enjoyed the selection: Much of which came as a complete surprise to me! Hopefully this is a trend that will continue here at elroyonline – because I get a kick out of producing that sort of content and hopefully you guys find it entertaining too… either that or the site’s stats are telling me that eol has become a haven for masochists.

The inspiration hit me a couple of weeks back and I started to put the video (above) together. Then, just prior to the recent long weekend, I had another one of the stitches in my new eye go haywire – which tends to slow things down a little, particularly in the ‘looking at stuff’ department. Anyway, once it was removed — bringing the grand total of stitches in my eye down to 14, for those playing at home — I was able to finish the video and… well, here it is.

I’ve called the show ‘Remote Viewing’, which is a hilarious re-usage of the name of a U.S Military project from a time during the cold war… Trust me on it being hilarious, you don’t need to look it up, that’s not the sort of thing I’d lie to you about. Anyway, should there be interest in this sort of content I’ll look at (with one eye more so than the other) making it a regular feature here on eol.

Basically, it’s a video recap of some of the releases that I’ve written about over the last month – hopefully it’s entertaining and as hilarious as its title suggest (no, seriously, there’s no need to look it up).

The video is around 19 meg and has a 30 second cache, which means it should play right through on a 512 connection.


downloads & links
iPod Touch, PSP download version: here 17.2meg MP4 (right click / save as, etc)
YouTube link: here

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    Why do you talk funny?

  • I’m definitely up for watching 3 of these a day. You are going to do 3 a day, right?

  • @bully: Birth defect.

    @xike: could get difficult to watch three or four complete seasons of a show in one day AND produce an episode of Remote Viewing. But I’m glad to hear that someone with your refined tastes found RV to be entertaining – Perhaps next time round I’ll review PainKiller Jane and Flash Gordon for you. :P

  • Slick. Concise. Sweeeet. Suits lazy me.
    Exterminator. Tee hee.
    And you can only review Flash Gordon if you completely can it. Otherwise i will be forced to lose all respect for your opinions.

  • That was really good man.


    good to see you didnt resort to some weird half aussie/ half yank accent too, like most knuckleheads on tv.

  • @skewergirl: Glad you liked the video. Just so we’re clear too, the point of bringing up Painkiller jane and Flash Gordon was because they are both crap… I mean, it wouldn’t have been much of a shot at xike’s tastes if mentioned GOOD shows that I know he likes… come to think of I don’t know of any shows he likes that are good.

    @Morgs: he hehe – You’re never going to tire of using ‘knuckleheads’ are you?!