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EOL: 10 Years of Crap

It has been a long while since I completely re-designed elroyonline, mostly because the issues with my eyes have meant that sort of thing takes a back seat. That’s not to say that the site hasn’t changed over time, it has! The background, fonts and colours have slowly morphed, but the layout has remained pretty much the same.

I recently designed a new, Back to the Future theme for MorgsDebate (the guy is obsessed with the BTTF…. and Goonies) and during the development of that we decided to go with something very clean as far as content layout was concerned. Specifically, The Morgan wasn’t keen on his site having a sidebar, AT ALL.

While putting together MorgsDebate I sat back and looked at the EOL layout for the first time in ages and decided that, while I didn’t want to go to the extreme that Morgan had, I did want to clean things up here. The result is what you see now, not a new design by any means, but certainly the layout is much tidier.

If you take a look at the bottom of the page you’ll find some extras that I coded for the new layout. Namely Recent Comments and Popular Posts (based on page views). Another ‘treat’ is that the Powers Cosmic comics now show up in the search, archive and category results, which makes for easier browsing.

Something else that dawned on me while I was putting the new layout together was that I was yet to acknowledge — on the site anyway — that 2008 is the tenth year that elroyonline has graced the net in some form or other. The archives on this version of the site only go back as far as 2002, and that’s only because I managed to port the database over from the old engine to wordpress, other wise it would only reach back about 12 months.

Over the last 10 years EOL has had various hosts and various forms — I’ve counted 49 themes in all, although not all have made it online, and not all have ended up gracing elroyonline (the theme started life as a potential eol theme) — however, despite all the changes the site has remained a repository for me to post about the crap that I’m interested in.

Something you may notice about the new layout is that the ads are gone. They may stay gone. but then they may return at some point too. EOL has never been about making money (which is great, because it hasn’t) but I do really enjoy the fact that I get enough visitors here to keep me interested in posting and to keep allowing me to review new movie and dvd releases when they become available.

To those of you who comment regularly, thanks for keeping things interesting for me. To everyone who visits regularly, whether you comment or not, I appreciate your support for this site and hope that I can continue to post things that keep you interested too.

Here’s to the next 10 years.

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    Happy decada..vers…day…….Yeah, happy decadaversday.

  • No medal necessary – Your continued undying love and devotion will be more than enough. :P

  • 10 years? There is no god.

  • 10 years huh? Wow. Good stuff. Now less yappin’ and more makin’ 10 more years of crap. :)

    10 years ago I was 16. If I knew of this site back then I think I may have been more disturbed as I am now.

    The new design is cleaner, yes, but I think you know it needs more ‘Flux’. The stellar work you did on my site proves you have an eye (just!) for detail, and a great level of skill with this stuff, and I just think your new design is missing something. If I think of it, I will tell you. Maybe its your title image…when compared with the awesome work you did on my site, I just don’t think a site will EVER have as good a look. Hehehe.

  • Congrats, elroy.

    TFM is presently in it’s 8th year, celebrating it’s birthday last Novemeber.

    Can’t wait for the 10th birthday. Quite a milestone.

  • I’m supporting the war effort apparently ^^

    Congrats on ten years though :)

  • @Morgs: I tried a few things with the header during development, but quite frankly anything graphic-y looked too heavy. Personally I’m happy with the look at the moment, but that’s not saying that this new layout wont start evolving too – so eventually there may be more flux-like action up there… who knows?

    @furious: Thanks mate. Hopefully TFM will see more than 2 or 3 more posts before it hits the big one zero… Especially now that LOST is back in full swing.

    @Anna: Thanks for swinging by and supporting the troops. We’ll have your likeness painted onto the front of a plane or something.

    @xike: I think I’ll miss you most of all scarecrow.

  • Sounds good dude.

    Keep up the crap, beacuse you know, if you don’t, then who is going to think of the children?!?!

  • Clean. Lufferly. Trooly rooly.
    I blinked and 10 years had passed. My eyeballs are drying out trying to hold off the next decade.

  • @Morgs: Honestly dude, I think that there’s more than enough crap going on over at MorgsDebate and TFM to ensure that future generations will be the right amount of messed up… While EOL is here though, I’ll keep doing my part!

    @Skewergirl: Glad you like the layout. Here’s hoping that a constant need for REFRESH™ Tears Plus® is the only issue you’re having with your eyes at the moment.

  • 10 years!! I’ve wasted all this time looking at other sites for my fix of all things nerd!!

  • At least you’ve found your way now Macca.