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Iron Man: Giant Killer Robots

This may come as a complete surprise to anyone who has visited this site more than once, but I don’t spend my whole day refreshing the Marvel comics website. However, after paying a random visit there today it may just become something that I get into the habit of doing.

Another thing I’m not usually in the habit of is making short posts like this, but the video speaks for itself – or at least, it tells you just about as much as I could find out about it. Originally released in three instalments on the ‘Marvel Kids’ website, the sub five minute video amounts to a short action sequence involving Spider-man, Iron Man, The Hulk tangling with some mysterious, kamikaze, giant robots (the best kind!)… and we’re not talking about the sucky kind of robot that DOESN’T have built in flame throwers here!

Put simply, this video is frikkin awesome! I’m not sure if there’s anything more to this little series, but I sure hope that the Marvel guys produce more of them, or a new series using the brilliant 3D animation that this video employs.

The original (3 part version) of this video can be found via the source link below. Also at the Marvel Kids website are trailers for some upcoming animated series: Spider-Man, which uses a design style reminiscent of DC’s Batman animated series (but not as angular) and a new The Fantastic Four animated series which is clearly taking its design cues from animeĀ sources. Both of these series look damn impressive, especially the Spider-man one, and I’ll be keeping an eye out for release dates and what-not in the near future. [source]

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    Looks cool.

    Whats wrong with traditional animation I wonder? Wouldn’t it be quicker? Bah humbug.

    Hulk smashing stuff is always worth watching.