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Movie: Eat me Drink me

When I started out to write this post it was heading in very a different direction to one which it has ended up going. Initially I was following up on a report that Sarah Michelle Gellar had been dropped from an upcoming film and that she had been replaced by former LOST sourpuss, Maggie Grace.

As it turns out, Gellar has not been replaced and the rumour probably, somehow, stems from the fact that she and Grace both appeared in SUBURBAN GIRL… or maybe someone just made it up. Whatever the case, nobody lost their job which is disappointing because that’s what I intended to post about. You know, one of those nonsensical “Suck it Gellar!! That’ll learn you for walking out on BUffY!!!” posts.

Where this post took a new direction — rather than just being scrapped altogether — was when I looked into the film, from which Gellar had supposedly been removed, ALICE.

I had been aware of the film, I even mentioned it in a post back in September of 06, but I’ve only now realised that it is to be based on the Rogue Entertainment game ‘American McGee’s Alice’.

American McGee’s version the wonderland created by Lewis Carroll is dark and twisted, in fact Alice herself is a much changed girl. Following the death of her parents (shortly after her return from her adventures Through the Looking-Glass), Alice is institutionalised and remains catatonic for several years, that is until she is summoned back to wonderland by the White Rabbit.

Wonderland is now under the rule of an evil Queen of Hearts and Alice (beginning at The Village of the Doomed), must make her way through its various provinces before confronting the evil Queen.

One of the most engaging aspects of the game is the original score by former Nine Inch Nails live drummer Chris Vrenna, hopefully his work will make it into the adaptation too.

In the right hands a film adaptation of American McGee’s Alice could really become a cult classic. As excited as I am by the prospect of this film though, I did have some reservations about director Marcus Nispel’s ability to deliver a movie with the right kind of disturbed-nether-worldly-tone… that is until I saw that his resume includes “The Very Best of Cher: The Video Hits Collection”.

Clearly, the man knows disturbed!

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    I really like that game…but I doubt it could make a transition to film very well when helmed by such a guy…

    Would be happy to be proved wrong.

  • I try not to get excited these days. This could potentially be hack and slash with little respect for the other side of things. I’m not confident that Buffy will make a good Alice.

    I talked to Chris Vrenna in 2003 and we discussed the Alice soundtrack…I can’t imagine we’ll ever hear it on the big screen (it’s fairly rare but worth a listen) although dub some dark strings over it and it would be perfect imo. I’ve been trying to dig up the old interview but haven’t been able to find it. Ill post if it I uncover it.

  • I think Gellar is a fantastic choice for Alice. She has that innocence about her which makes her ideal for horror. (Don’t get out of the car! Don’t get out of the car!! Dammit I said Don’t Get Out of The CAR!!) as well as a strength that allows her to survive these scrapes by the skin of her tenatious teeth.
    Considering the character of Alice is lost and innocent, she’s just the right choice in my humble opinion.

  • Yeah, I’m with macca on this one. As much as I give Gellar crap for being nuts, I do think she’s right for the part.

    @morgs: I’m of the opinion that the game could translate quite well into a movie (probably a series of them actually) but am also wary of what Nispel will deliver.

    @Buzzmoo: Yes, yes, we all remember that you and Vrenna are buddy buddy… let it go,,, sheesh!