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Series: Short Journey

There has always been a core sci-fi/fantasy element to choose from on TV (the quality varies, of course), however I can not think of another time when the pickings have been so plentiful, or of such great quality.

While this is great for those of us who crave this kind of entertainment, there are only so many shows that one can find the time to keep up with and, invariably, you make a choice to skip that new show or a series gets underway and you remain completely oblivious to it. Such was [almost] the case with the NBC series JOURNEYMAN (airing on NINE here in Aust).

The series tells the story of Dan Vasser, a San Francisco journalist who finds himself mysteriously pulled out of the present and into the past. Dan tries to work out why he’s time travelling, what he’s suppose to do while he’s in the past and how to do it without completely destroying his own future.

Fortunately I happened on the show and have been able to catch up on the us schedule. Sadly though it looks like the journey is already over for this new series. With 13 episodes made NBC has announced that it wont be picking up the show — or BIONIC WOMAN — for additional episodes or a second season. Having seen 10 of those episodes I can only hope that the series finds a new home (SciFi Channel, are you listening?) because it’s probably one of the smartest Time-Travel based series that we’ve seen in a long time.

Late last month JOURNEYMAN creator, Kevin Falls, attempted to quell talk of the shows cancellation. And while his efforts may have been ultimately in vein, he did at least leave us with this consolation:

“Episode 12 is the end of our order. If…and let’s not kid ourselves, it’s a long shot that we would get a back nine, given the strike and our questionable numbers…but we wrote it in a way so it could be the series-ending show… In the case we would actually go on to a second season, we didn’t want to turn over every card, but I think people will find it satisfying, and it’s really good,”

As JERICHO fans narrowly avoided, there’s nothing worse than a series which simply stops being made… or worse, ends on a cliff hanger. And while I’m extremely disappointed in the fact that JOURNEYMAN isn’t continuing, Falls’ comments at least suggest that there will be some kind of closure to a series which has combined interesting science fiction with endearing characters (with relationships that you actually care about)… which is more than can be said about BIONIC WOMAN, a show that lost it’s way, and it’s audience, rapidly.

It’s entirely possible that the end of the current writers strike could see the condition of some of these shows change from “dead” to “much better today, thanks for asking” but that’s not something that I’ll hang too much hope on.

For Australian audiences, only 2 episodes of JOURNEYMAN have aired, so there’s still time to catch this ‘mini-series’ or you can wait and pick the series up on DVD when it’s release… I know I will. [source] [source]

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    to those of you living in australia i dont know how many shows have been aired there but those of us fighting to keep this show alive need all of the help we can get. if you want to catch up on all you have missed and the shows that havent been aired yet then go the the journeyman page on there are full episodes there for everyone to watch. PLEASE ONCE YOU HAVE CAUGHT UP, PLEASE HELP US FIGHT FOR THE SHOW WE LOVE!! JOURNEYMAN WAS THE BEST SHOW ON TV AND IT ONLY GOT BETTER AS TIME WENT ON!! PLEASE JOIN THE FIGHT!! IT ISNT OVER YET!!

  • There have only been two (maybe 3 now) episodes of Journeyman aired in Australia at this stage… Unfortunately the NBC website doesn’t allow viewers from ‘this location’ to watch the streaming episodes.