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Avengers?: Iron Man, Fury and the Hulk

Anyone who has spent any length of time follow my inarticulate ramblings here on elroyonline can probably tell you that my biggest issue with movie adaptations of comic-books is the fact that they constantly deviate from the established origin of a character or a landmark event in comic lore. Most recently my focus was on the origin of VENOM, and how his introduction in the Spider-man movie was removed (and pretty poorly reassembled) from the Secret Wars origin of the comic books. Most often, the prime element which takes the blame for these deviations is simply the licensing costs involved in telling the same stories on film that have already been told in the comic books.

In the case of DC’s currently casting Justice League movie, they’ve taken the easy way out and are simply telling a ‘detached’ story: meaning that characters like Bruce Wayne/Batman and Clark Kent/Superman will not only be played by different actors from their current solo movies, but that the events which transpire in The Justice League movie will have no bearing on those solo films.

Another common sentiment expressed here on elroyonline is the opinion that the Marvel Universe has always felt more cohesive to me. Sadly, it’s this very cohesion which has tripped up movie adaptations (like Venom’s origin) in the past. However, that could all be about to change if something that I’m calling “THE GREATEST F&®KING RUMOUR EVER” ends up being qualified.

Earlier this year AICN reported that Samuel Jackson would appear as Nick Fury in THE MOST ANTICIPATED MOVIE OF OUR GENERATION… otherwise known as IRON MAN. Additionally, unconfirmed talk emerged (again via AICN) that the character, Nick Fury, would also be making an appearance in THE INCREDIBLE HULK. To those of us who find this sort of thing exciting, this rumour got us… well, excited!

The inference is that Marvel is making moves to tie together the movie adaptations of their intellectual property in a similar way to their publications. It stands to reason that now would be the time for Marvel to establish the idea of a common universe for the film versions of their characters, because these films (IRON MAN and THE INCREDIBLE HULK) are the first to be produced under the Marvel Studios banner.

What makes thing even more interesting — for those of us who are interested in these things — is that a look further into the release schedule of Marvel Studios reveals ANT-MAN, CAPTAIN AMERICA and THOR adaptations set for release in 2009 followed by NICK FURY in 2010. Also, yet to receive production/release dates are adaptations of BLACK PANTHER and DR STRANGE.

The connection here is that all of these characters have been members of The Avengers at some point (in the Ultimate Marvel Universe, Nick Fury formed the Avengers — although they were called The Ultimates — to protect America from Super Villains).

And this is where the penny drops: in 2011 Marvel Studios has THE AVENGERS movie scheduled for release.

To make matters worse and those of us who get giddy about these sorts of things, giddier, AICN’s Moriarty has again rattled cages by posting the content of an email he received from a ‘protected’ source:

There are some fuzzy politics going on with the Iron Man and Hulk movies – they’re shooting a scene TOGETHER! The trouble is, I can’t tell if its an Iron Man scene with the Hulk in in or a Hulk scene with IRON MAN in it, more interestingly, it’s possible that the SAME SCENE or some variation of it might be in BOTH movies…

So, what does all this conjecture, rumour and nerditory-overload add up to? Well, I’m going to put my allowance towards us seeing a collective story being told through the course of these Marvel Studio movies: shared events, character crossovers and, eventually, it all culminating in a massive movie event… THE AVENGERS.

It could very well be that Marvel are about to once again show other comic publishers just how you’re suppose to construct a comic-book universe and I, myself, couldn’t be nerdier happier about it! [source] [source]

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    As much as I like the idea of a carefully constructed set of connections between films and their characters, a part of me will still want to see some unique interpretations of these properties.

    But dang. That email, the idea that you couldn’t tell which film the scene was being shot for is…well…mind-bogglingly outrageous! Keep me informed. But not too informed otherwise I get bored.