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Movie: Gamera = Cloverfield Monster?

Something which may not be immediately apparent to the outside observer is that not all nerds are alike. Not only are there varying degrees of nerd, but there is also a wide variety of nerd. For the most part they manage to live as harmoniously as any other collective, however even among nerds there are the dreaded or even despised factions. While formerly held by Star Trek fans or even Dungeons and Dragon players (the precursor to the WOW dork) surely the newest, most despised, kind of nerd is the LOST freak. You know, that idiot who looks for hidden clues and alternate meaning in every frame of every episode… and then, worst of all, feels compelled to run all their crackpot theories by you…

Well, soon the universe itself will begin to unravel as the LOST pundits and Star Trek fans collide as a result of (LOST creator) JJ Abrams’ involvement with the upcoming stupid idea, that is a recasting of the original Star Trek crew.

To glimpse some of what can be expected as this new take on Star Trek gets closer to release, one need look no further than the hype surrounding another upcoming Abrams project and you’ll get an idea of just how well this guy knows how to whip fans into a frenzy. Of course I’m talking about CLOVERFIELD.

Seemingly Abrams has been able to drive people to every corner of the internet looking for clues as to what the hell this movie is all about… and amidst all the hype and phoney product placements (anyone notice the brand of drink that Veronica Mars was slurping on in the latest HEROES episode?) very little in the way of real information has been made available – a ploy that seems to have fans salivating even more. What can be gathered from the trailers released so far, is that CLOVERFIELD is a creature feature – and a friggin huge one at that.

The only thing I don’t understand is what all the speculation is all about. I mean, sure, the first thing I thought when I saw the original trailer was “Oh great, another Godzilla movie!?”. Which was clearly wrong – but an understandable leap. Where my confusion comes in to play is why, after discounting the return of Godzilla, has everyone jumped onto the Cthulhu (one of H.P. Lovecraft’s cavalcade of whacky [pictured above]) bandwagon? I mean, it’s only a short step from Godzilla to Gamera… the real star of CLOVERFIELD!

While clearly the *evidence* presented above is predominately jest, the fact is that there’s a pretty strong argument for CLOVERFIELD actually being a Gamera movie. Possibly the strongest factor is the way the movie is currently being marketed. Look at it this way, despite being almost ten years old, Roland Emmerich’s GODZILLA is still looked at as a bomb. And yet, despite this, the first thing that crossed everyone’s mind right after they thought “Oh great, another Godzilla movie!?”, was “Coooool!”. Add to the equation the success of Peter Jackson’s take on KING KONG and the surprise awesomeness of TRANSFORMERS and it becomes clear that people like seeing big things smashing stuff… well, except on THE VIEW apparently.

What I’m getting at is that people seem pretty keen on seeing Godzilla-like action… just not overly keen on actually seeing Godzilla (pure generalization of course, because I’d love to see a GOOD Godzilla movie!)

Despite never having appeared in a film together Godzilla and Gamera are linked in the minds of many, in particular the stupid minds of us round-eyes. So it’s prudent (and brilliant self promotion) on Abramas behalf to tell us only these details of CLOVERFIELD: It has a giant monster in it what smashes stuff.

The sad thing is, that by making this post, I’m now part of the very madness that I’m writing about, but someone has to set the record straight… or at least go on record so as to assume some kind of future “I told you so” rights. [source] [source]

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    Hehehe Lost freaks…they are a unique bunch huh.
    But back to this hype-machine that is Cloverfield. Part of me is annoyed you get to see the monster in the trailer…even for a fleeting moment. I reckon it could have been amazing, if a little outrageous, to hold off on seeing the monster until the final act of the film.
    I guess the real monster could actually be the hype-machine itself? Perhaps JJ is a monster – lost in the madness of complete and utter hype. Who knows.
    Alls I know is its good to see stuff getting smashed.

  • All the evidence you need is in the images posted above Morg!

    The problem with the monster not being seen until the end is… well, who’s gonna smash stuff? Unless you’re suggesting that the whole thing be shot in Blair Witch style which the trailers kind of suggest.

    Actually, while the Blair Witch project totally blew (another over hyped movie!) I think, in this case the concept may just work.

  • Blair Witch was one of the first films I can recall that decided a viral marketing strategy on the internet was an effective means of advertising. And yes, it wasn’t the greatest movie, but was certainly worthy of some praise.
    The concept was great – perhaps the hype dulled it? – but for me, the fact you saw NOTHING at all, and aided by a sense of dread, it added up to an enjoyable movie. The ultimate was the finale…with the dude in the corner…*shivers*…anyway back to the new Gamera movie (yes I’m a convert of your theory).
    You can show stuff getting smashed…but just have to be careful.

  • You’re right about Blair Witch dude – I’m just dark that I spent good money (based on the hype) to see it in the extra snobby cinema, you know, the one with the comfy chairs and the dude brings you nachos or wedges and stuff… I mean, had I seen the awesome movie I was expecting, perhaps I wouldn’t be so dark on the film… but I am, so there!