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Movie: Be Wolfed

Question: What’s better than a movie with a bunch of werewolves in it? If your answer is anything other than “A movie with a bucket load more werewolves in it!” then you’re not only wrong, but your the worst kind of wrong… and that’s completely wrong.

The right kind of right however, comes in the form of the Kit Whitfield novel BAREBACK, which has found itself on the road to becoming that thing that all novels aspire to be: a film adaptation! [if you said ‘read’ then you’re wrong again.]

The novel (and one would suspect that the film will follow suit) is set in a world dominated by creatures who are, essentially, werewolves: Although they are apparently never referred to as such in the book. In this alternate universe humans are in the minority and are charged with keeping the peace on full-moon nights, while the rest of the population gets their dog on. The plot follows a character named Lola who, as a member of the police force, investigates a series of suspicious murders.

What make this an extremely interesting sounding novel (and hopefully movie too) is that it has been compared to George Orwell’s Nineteen Eighty-Four: Which leads me to believe that we’re dealing with a pretty dark and paranoid tale here.

Attached to the adaptation so far is writer Patrick Smith Kelly (Don’t Say a Word, A Perfect Murder) and the director of The Chronicles of Narnia, Andrew Adamson is rumoured to be looking to direct the film, which is being re-titled BENIGHTED.

While it’s far too early to get too excited about this movie, it — like Zen in the art of Slaying Vampires — is certainly one that I’ll be keeping an eye on. [source]

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