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Horror: Kaylee’s Lost

Quite a few years back now the game “Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon” illustrated just how incestuous the film industry is; in so much as you could connect just about all of Hollywood’s main players by less than six movie associations. Well, it’s getting to the point now where a new, television version of that game can be played, and I’m calling it ‘Six Degrees of Stargate’.

In a recent interview with Moviehole’s Clint Morris, Alan Tudyk (Wash) de-bagged a cat that has every Joss Whedon fan wetting their pants. And that is that the likelihood of a Serenity/Firefly Direct to DVD sequel not only grows with the sale of every Serenity DVD, but appears to be actively in discussion with the extremely smart, good looking and, from what I’m told, extremely well endowed, people at Universal… Who are awesome and should totally hand buckets of cash to Joss and let him make this movie however he likes.

As fantastic as that news is to hear it’s going to be literally years before Firefly fans can visit with their friends on Serenity again… However in the mean time we can play make a 1 degree connection between Alan and Jewel Staite (Kaylee) and then make another jump to Stargate, as Jewel is now a regular member of the Stargate Atlantis cast.

Of course, we can connect Alan to Stargate via Firefly, via Adam Baldwin or Monica Baccarin too – But I chose to follow the Jewel thread, because there’s some other neat information about an upcoming project that she’s involved with that I wanted to make note of, and that’s the news that she’s currently filming an action/suspense thriller titled The Tribe, which Jewel describes:

“The Tribe is an action movie, basically […] It’s got a lot of suspense and a lot of thrills. There’s been a misconception that it’s a slasher movie, which it totally is not […] It does have a bit of a fantasy element to it, yes, It definitely does. It would please the sci-fi fan, I will say that.” [more]

The premise of the film sees a group of friends stranded on an island (uncharted… of course) after a devastating boat crash. And while the idea of being stranded on an island with Jewel, eating coconut pies and fishing in the lagoon sounds like a great fantasy — albeit a boring film — things take a nasty turn when the friends come across what is described as an ancient tribe of humanoid creatures.

Just to prove my point about Stargate, The Tribe also stars Kellan Lutz > Lutz appeared in Six Feet Under, with Lauren Ambrose > Ambrose appeared in Party of Five, as did Matthew Fox > Matthew Fox stars on LOST with Terry O’Quinn > O’Quinn appeared on The X Files, as did Mitch Pileggi > Pileggi plays Colonel Steven Caldwell on Stargate Atlantis.

Also in The Tribe, is Nikki Griffin, who appeared in an episode of Dawson’s Creek… as did Joe Flanigan (actually, he appeared in 2) and as you know (nerd), Joe plays Colonel John Sheppard on Stargate Atlantis.

Of course, now that Jewel is playing a Doctor on Stargate it’s inevitable that she’ll do a guest appearance on the Sci-Fi Channel’s Eureka – because just about every other actor to have played one (a doctor that is) on Stargate has subsequently appeared on Eureka.

Completely pointless.. but that’s why you’re here!

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    Hearing that there is some hope out there that Joss will finally be able to make a sequel to ‘Firefly’ slash ‘Serenity’ has me using the tissues in a most inappropriate way.

    I have taken to giving the Firefly series away as Christmas and birthday gifts to all those who lean in the same way that I do, in the vane hope that purchasing multiples of this fantastic series will eventually lead to another series.

    It looks like my investment may be on the verge of paying off!!

    Finally, it may not be quite 6 degress from KB, but my wife and I have taken to playing the “Now what have they been in?” game. Even with a twist of “Where have they used this set before?”.

    Certainly make for interesting conversations and arguments over the popcorn and m&m’s…

  • You can skip the whole Party of Five section and just go from Jewel Staite (Firefly) > Nathan Fillion (Firefly, Lost) > Terry O’Quinn (Lost, X-Files)

    so it’s like… 4 degrees. You could also replace Fillion with Fredric Lehne, since he’s appeared in more Lost than Fillion has. Although, Fillion’s been in more Firefly than Lehne.

    Damnit! Just connect Firefly with Greg Henry to Slither and thusly Elizabeth Banks.

    Mmmmm Elizabeth Banks. Then connect her to Christa Miller (Scrubs), to The Drew Carey Show, and then to Cynthia Watros then back to Lost…

    Damnit, everything leads back to Lost. I should probably make a website.

  • PFFT – A LOST website… that’s the stupidest idea you’ve ever had.