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Movie: The Art of Immortality

Some day I’ll have to actually get around to writing one of those ‘top 20’ style lists that people seem to love (writing) these days. I say that only because I periodically catching myself referring to particular movies as ‘definitely in my top 20 favourite movies of all time’ when, in reality, I’ve probably said that about 50 or so films… Math has never been one of my strong points.

One film, however — no matter how many appalling sequels are made — that will always be in that list, is the first Highlander movie. I love that movie for many reasons, but the one I’m the least ashamed of is an appreciation of Russell Mulcahy’s fluid and original style of direction… oh, and all the awesome Queen tracks.

Having said that, my appreciation for Mulcahy doesn’t alleviate any of the scepticism I have about the quality of the upcoming (third) Resident Evil movie, Resident Evil: Extinction. Why? To put it simply: Paul WS Anderson.

I don’t mean to bash the guy — hell, I even went so far as to say that I enjoyed Alien vs Predator — but the fact remains that his movies are usually, completely devoid of appreciable character development. And you only need look as far as the past two Resident Evil movies for evidence of that. However this post isn’t intended to be about Anderson or Resident Evil for that matter (which incidentally, hits Australian cinemas on the 11th of October).

No, what caused my interest to peek, particularly back in Mulcahy’s direction, is the news that he’s going to be directing the movie adaptation of the Steven-Elliot Altman novel ‘Zen in the art of Slaying Vampires’.

Altman’s name has appeared on more than a couple of comic book related novels, including ‘Captain America is dead’ and the Batman novel ‘Fear itself’. He has also shared writing credits on the Graphic Novels ‘The Irregulars’ and ‘Catholic Schoolgirls of the Appocalypse’.

Zen in the art of Slaying Vampires, the first in a three book series, tells the story of a man who, after being attacked, finds his partner dead and that he has been transformed:

Straining to overcome his murderous instincts through zen meditation and blood deprivation he is reclaimed by The Ministry, an underground society waging war with the undead. Again and again he will find his will to resist tested by the killers who demand his allegiance and the zen masters who will burn him down at his first missed step as he strives to walk a tightrope between the living and the dead… to master himself and the way of the wooden stake.

This is about as much as I know about this movie at the moment, however it and Mulcahy’s involvement, is enough to have put this project on my radar now and I’ll be keeping my ear to the ground in an effort to find out more as the project develops… particularly in the casting department. [source] [source]

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    There’s a couple of Vampire films on the horizon, one loosely based on what I’ve heard is a half decent book, but it stars Will Smith and will probably be utter bollocks.

    The other one being set on the north pole or something, I haven’t heard much about it, apart from it’s called something like ’50 days of night’ or something.

    Haven’t heard about this Zen one though. Cold be promising. Could end up like Blade though :|

  • I am looking forward to Legend – and Will Smith has little to do with it. I’m hoping that it will be closer to the role played by Charlton Heston in ‘Omega Man’.
    ’30 Days of Night’ looks promising; but as with most graphic novel interpretations, for me they always seem to miss the mark.
    I would be interested to review a ‘top 20′ but I find that movies are like music – depending on the mood and company, my preferences will change.
    How about a ’20 movies to watch when you are frustrated’, or ’20 movies to watch when you want to be scared sh*tless’…
    What ever happened to your promise never to mention THAT movie???

  • Apparently the studios are looking for other projects for Mulcahy which kind of indicates that he nailed Resident Evil: Extinction. It can’t possibly stink more than the first two movies. Ewww.

    Uwe Boll is the best thing that’s ever happened to Paul Anderson’s career.

  • I saw the trailer to Legend, and am very interested to see how it is handled. Will Smith or not, the film has potential. 30 Days of Night looks a real thriller, but as Furry said too, I haven’t heard of this newer one.

    Ali Larter is pretty damn hot, so it gets my vote purely based on the party in my pants. Too many vampire movies dilutes the potential classics into something more run-of-the-mill imo.