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Wonder Woman: And Jessica for All

You could, conceivably, make a two and a half hour film which consisted entirely of kittens, puppies and orphans being fed into an industrial size carpet shredder and I would watch every second of it — Clockwork Orange style — provided Jessica Biel made an appearance at some point. So, as you can imagine, when there’s news that she may appear in a movie which doesn’t chronicle the demise of small furry animals and abandoned children, you can count me interested… Add to that the news that the movie in question is an adaptation of a classic comic book and there’s a fairly good chance that this web-site-page-blog will fall silent as I sleep, for months outside a cinema, awaiting said film’s release.

However even I have to say that, when I try to imagine who should play the role of Wonder Woman in the up coming Justice League movie, Jessica Biel isn’t the first name that comes to mind.

Despite what her more recent movie choices may indicate, Jessica Biel is a more than capable actress, she’s undeniably fit, flexible and could hand you your own ass in a heartbeat. Sure, she’s a wonderful example of one of them womens type people… but is she Wonder Woman material? No matter how you answer that question it seems that Variety is reporting that she may have the part already, and if the plot spoilers that SHF reported yesterday are true that may put the kibosh on previous speculation over the casting of The Flash.

While I’d like nothing better than to see Ryan Renolds reunite with his BLADE: Trinity co-star, one of the plot points mentioned in the SHF article suggests that {{{ in case you haven’t guessed yet, a spoiler is about to follow }}} in the JLA film, The Flash will be the youngest member of the league and that he has a crush on an older woman…namely WW herself.

Clearly Ryan (31) isn’t the right guy to play THAT version of The Flash. And it begs the question: Just how young do they intend The Flash to be? Again, returning to the previous casting rumours for a moment:

If it is true that Biel (25) is to play WW, and that Smallville’s Tom Welling (30) is to play Super Kent, then we’re looking at a pretty young cast anyway, so to cast someone with enough years between themselves and Jessica Biel’s Wonder Woman for their age difference to actually be a note-worth plot element, well, you’re talking about a teenager at least (or someone who can play a teenager)!

Ok, so lets take this runaway train of ill informed logic and complete conjecture rattling past a few more stops and make a prediction about the next name added to the list: If, to the detriment of the project, Renolds is not going to be involved, and we’re looking for some who can play young enough to make things uncomfortable for Jessica Biel, is it possible to go past the current flavour of the moment: Shia LaBeouf?

Sure LaBeouf is 21, but what the hell, Welling is 30 and he’s still playing a teenager in Smallville. And LaBeouf has the right rhythm to play the same kind of snappy character we’d have expected from Ryan Renolds.

Of course, this is all just speculation and relates to the very unofficial news that Biel is actually onboard for the WW role. While I can’t say that I’ve yet warmed to the idea of her as Wonder Woman, I’m not completely against it either, she’s clearly more capable than many of the other names which have been bandied about, but only time will tell if the spoilers mentioned by SHF are indeed accurate or if she actually has the role… and lets hope, for the sake of all those orphans, that she has. [source] [source]

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    You had me at Jessica Biel.
    You lost me when you blabbered on about some movie about some woman who is wonderous, but you overlooked you were onto a winner with more Biel praise and extra Biel pictures. A picture tells a thousand words Elroy my friend, and those Biel pictures tell me that the world ain’t such a horrible place after all.
    I mean come on.
    As if she wouldn’t smoke up the screen as Wonder Woman. And Shia, he could be a good call for a young Flash, even though I know diddly about those two, I just like ’em.
    I say, lets evolve, let the chips fall where they may. And if the chips land in her lap, may I be a chip. Bam!

  • Biel isn’t Amazonian enough to carry off the role.

    Not to say she isn’t georgous, but the role needs a buxom wench with attitude and a spear.

  • Well, looks like she’s not going to do it anyway
    AICNews just reported.

  • I hope she dusts off her shoulder pads for the role…