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Movie: Justice league of Their Own

There is probably no other film in the pipes at the moment being more speculated upon than the WB’s Justice League movie. In fact there are so many rumours and ‘inside sources’ being thrown about that you just about need to qualify as a member of said super crime-fighting league to be able to fly your invisible jet, blast a green ray out of your ring or vibrate fast enough to get through it all. However there are a couple of items that seem to be coming through loud and clear though.

Sadly Christian Bale wont be playing the part of Batman. But interestingly, the spin on this rumour is that while Bale wont be reprising his role as Batman for the JLA film, NOBODY will be playing the part of Bruce Wayne!

The idea is quite clever actually; Having the part of Batman being played entirely within the cowl means that anything established by the Chris Nolan/Christian Bale films remains intact, but of course this would mean that whoever plays the role is essentially a stand-in. Another thing to consider here is that Bruce Wayne/Batman is actually older in the JLA story than he is in the Batman Begins era. By the time that JLA comics came into being, Batman was an established crime fighter and, probably more so than any of the other members of the JLA, a little battle weary and much wiser. This is a trait which is, thankfully, displayed in the recent JLA animated series – Batman is the guy who’s ‘on mission’ and despite his lack of any real superpowers is often the one guy pulling the other members of the team into line.

If this is the tact they intend to take with the Batman character in the JLA movie, it may well be confusing if Bale were to play the part – given that his version of the character is yet to evolve to that point.

The second rumour, which also carries some weight, is that surprisingly Brandon Routh will not be playing the role of Clark Kent/Superman. There is much speculation surrounding why Routh wont be appearing in the movie, but most of the kinder speculation centres around the idea that the Bryan Singer movie (and its maybe, maybe-not sequel) are standing on their own and the events in them play no part in whatever transpires in the JLA movie. This is great news for those of us who believe that Singer’s ‘additions’ to the superman story are… lets be kind too and call them ‘flawed’.

So, does the search begin for a new actor to play the part of CK in the JLA movie ASAP? Well, it would… were there not another actor already playing the part… Yeah, that girlish squeal you just heard was your inner geek realising that I can only possible be talking about Smallville’s Tom Welling who, for my money should have been cast in Singer movie to begin with. Fortunately Welling managed to dodge (or deflect) that bullet and I suspect that, should the talk of his casting in the JLA feature be confirmed, this could be the news that Smallville fans have been waiting for since the series began.

Finally, the casting news that I find most interesting is that Ryan Renolds is ‘all but’ a lock to play Wally West , aka: The Flash. Reynolds has been associated with The Flash role for quite some time, if only on the rumour circuit. He’s pretty much perfect casting for the role too, however my only question would be, Why?

I don’t mean ‘Why cast him?’, I mean ‘Why would he do it?’. You’ve got to imagine that, at this point, he’d be the biggest name in the cast, so the idea of him walking into an ensemble piece like this seems unlikely to me… UNLESS we’re talking about a multi-picture deal, with the JLA movie spawning a Flash franchise for Reynolds to helm. And if that’s the case, can we expect to see similar casting news/deals for Wonder Woman, Green Lantern, Martian Manhunter and, heaven forbid, Aquaman?

It makes some sense when you think about it like this: The roles of Superman and Batman have both been filled so there’s no point in putting too much focus on casting those characters. However the other characters have yet to be bought to the big screen and, in some case, are virtually unknown to the non-comicbook-store-dwelling-public. Using JLA as a launch vehicle for those characters — particularly Green Lantern and Martian Manhunter — not only seems like a sound strategy, but it’s beginning to look more and more like the path that WB are taking. [source] [source]

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