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Iron Man: The Merchant of Death

Over the last week or so I’ve been pretty sick. What started as a bit of a sniffle evolved into every orifice in my body having a “How much can we expel?” competition (I wont list the podium). Suffice to say, keeping my (blocked) ear to the internet in an attempt to keep up with all the latest geek news was the last thing on my list – what with all the snot, phlegm and coughing up blood to do.

Given my condition and my ‘lack of keeping up with stuff’ status this week could have almost seen one the blackest days in elroyonline history were it not for the diligence of ace cub reporter and elroyketeer, RobbieC, who dutifully emailed me a link to the following video.

San Diego played host to Comic Con 2007 over the last few days however, sadly the few google ads here on eol have never provided enough to fund a snickers bar, let alone sending me to a fanboy Mecca such as Comic Con so you all missed out on the most awesome coverage ever.

What I missed out on (through illness and lack of funding) was seeing, in person, Iron Man director Jon Favreau talking about the movie, and showing this exclusive (to comic con) clip… which has thankfully been leaked:

I’ve been keeping an eye on the progress of the Iron Man movie since back in June of 2006, and every step of the way my excitement for the film has grown. Favreau made some pretty bold statements back when he was announced as the director of this movie and, if the clip is anything to go by, he may just have lived up to a few of them.

I’d like to post more, but I’ve got a head full of snot at the moment and, really, the clip speaks for itself.

Oh, and lets keep that countdown going:
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    Hey dude sucks yo be crook, but you’ll be right!
    That clip was fantastic! The movie looks really cool and I think I can share an ounce of your excitement for this film.
    Question though.
    Did we see 2 ‘iron-men’ in that clip? One bad one and at the end you saw the good one?
    Downey Jr. is a star so I will see it regardless.

  • What you have there Morgs is a tip of the hat to the comics. In the early Iron Man comics the suit was always drawn as an extremely bulky, grey, boiler looking thing – which suited the scenario in which it was created.

    Stark (Iron Man/Downey) builds the first suit while being held captive by a foreign military (not sure what the take on that in the film is) so it’s not exactly the highest of tech devices.

    However later on, as the comic evolved, so did the suit – eventually it becomes the sleek looking one you see in the posters and at the end of the clip.

  • Ah ok man thats awesome. Well it does look to me like the first suit is a bit more primitive than the one you see right at the end.

    Thats a pretty cool take on what you described. Does Stark talk through the suit? If so, is it all mechanical and stuff?

    Im excited :)

  • It will be interesting to see if ‘jnr’ can bring a bit of the lost wounded soul to the part. God knows he has enough ‘torment’ in his own life from which to draw…

  • I agree Macca. Jnr seems like perfect casting IMO – not only because of his checkered past, but because he’s an awesome actor and can totally bring the arrogant cool required for the role of Stark.

    As I’ve expressed already, that clip (as short lived as it was) has kicked my enthusiasm for this movie into high gear.