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DVD: Sunshine hits shelves

Most of you young whipper snappers wouldn’t remember the ridiculously long delays between being able to watch a movie at the cinema and then being able to grab a copy on DVD and watch it in the comfort of your own home. But that’s how it once was! Back in ‘the day’ you’d have to wait sometimes upwards of 18 months to see a movie on the shelves at Video Easy. Just think about that… Imagine not being able to own a crisp DVD of Transformers, or [insert whatever the hell the name of the latest Harry Potter film is], until 2009.

Or to put it into another perspective, take a glance at your DVD collection. Ask yourself how many of those discs you bought less than 6 months after the movie was in cinemas… and how many of them you’d still own had you been made to wait 18 months!?

Chances are you, like me (and we’re a lot more alike than you care to admit) snap up the DVD of a movie that you saw at a theatre the moment you see it on DVD… However, like me (we’ve covered this already) you have movies that you want to buy — they’re on that list you always make in your head — but you just don’t do it. I mean, why the hell don’t I own a copy of Blade Runner? I have no answer to that question. It’s only the greatest film ever made and yet, It isn’t in my collection! Deuce Bigalow IS in my collection, but Blade Runner isn’t – Something is very wrong here! Now, in my own defence here Deuce Bigalow was a birthday present from my sister… and she’s always hated me.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m stoked that movies make the transition to DVD quicker now, and I was stoked to discover today that Danny Boyle’s fraking brilliant SUNSHINE will be released on DVD on August 29th — a mere 6 months since Rose Byrne, Danny Boyle, myself and some other people attended that botched preview screening.

We did get to see the film, in the correct direction, about a month after that attempt. None of the drama or grippyness(TM) had been spoilt by the previous screening. In some ways I was glad that we’d been made to wait that full month to see the entire film – had we been invited back to see the movie again after a shorter period than that, the events that we’d seen (both forwards and backwards) may have been still fresh in our minds. I think it does however, say something to the quality of Danny Boyle’s work on Sunshine: Despite the nasty taste left in my mouth after that first viewing attempt, the movie has still managed to end up on the short list of my favourite movies so far this year. And is a real contender for my top 20 all time list… and more importantly, it’s on that list, in my head, of movies that I want to own on DVD.

The DVD is set to include commentary by Boyle and Brian Cox, eleven deleted scenes, production diaries (introduced by Boyle), two short films and the theatrical teaser.

Chances are too, that it’ll be on my shelf before Blade Runner… I can’t explain it.

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    Sounds like the movie was pretty special mate. I wasnt sure what to expect, and missed seeing it on the big screen. I guess an illegal download may have to happen asap.
    Oh and Brian Cox? He is in sooooooo many movies its insanity I tell you!

  • Dude, in the same way that you implored me to see Transformers on the big screen, I’m telling you to hold out and see Sunshine on DVD… Hell, you ca even come over here and watch it on my projector – It’s the sort of film that deserves more than a dodgy rip.

    Oh, and that’s Dr Brian Cox dude, not the guy from X=Men and the Bourne movies… Dr Cox was the scientific consultant on the film.

  • Maybe if you wait long enough, they will do a director’s director’s cut of Blade runner in memory of Ridley Scott…

    Having said that, maybe they will re-release it under the original book title with added computer generated scenes (a-la star wars) considering that the technology just wasn’t available back in 1982. It would certainly flesh out the end part of the movie, which, from my teen perspective (at the time) seemed to finish off a little weakly what with all that flying and wierd voice over stuff…

    I reckon it would be a huge hit in New Zealand.

  • Wow, it has been a while dude – the voice over was removed from the movie when Scott did the directors cut quite a few years back.

    But you’re not far off with the DVD release details – A few months back there was a new release of the movie on DVD; The final directors cut or some such. That was only set to have a short life span on shelves before another release followed up by including the original theatrical release, the directors cut and the final directors cut.

    I’ve been waiting for that second release – which is probably out by now – before making the purchase.

    Personally I prefer the original version (with the narration) to the directors cut – however I’m yet to see this new version, so I’ll reserve final judgement.

  • I will be interested to read your review. Mind you, I’m basing my report from the perspective of a teenager who should have been in school.

    Either which way, wouldn’t mind having that one in my DVD collection either…