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Horror: Preying on Neighbours

As a general rule, I’m pretty hard on anyone who has appeared for any length of time in an Australian Soap-Opera. And, in my opinion, it’s deservedly so: Soap-Operas around the world are, for the most part, the arse-end of television.

Sure, sometimes they do end up kick starting the career of a potential star: Salma Hayek, Demi Moore, Tommy Lee Jones, Julianne Moore, Richard Dean Anderson, Sarah Michelle Gellar and Alec Baldwin all got their start on shows like ‘The Doctors’ and ‘General Hostpital’ – And sure, the odd Aussie Soap star has made good too: Kylie and Hugh jackman spring to mind, and the EOL favourite Rose Byrne is well on her way. However for the most part appearing in an Aussie soap is, as it should be, something of a black hole when it comes to retaining any credibility as far as the *discerning* public is concerned.

I’m not saying that getting your start on a soap is anything to be looked down on. I mean, if anything, anyone with the ability and determination to ‘make it’ as a performer after appearing in a Soap (Australian or otherwise) should be applauded. And I think it’s a pretty safe bet that anyone who does ‘make it’ understands one simple principal of entertainment: Give the people what they want.

I would have never guessed it, but former Neighbours tongue twister and singer for the not totally unlisten-to-able ‘Rogue Traders’, Natalie Bassingthwaighte may just understand the principal.

Bassingthwaighte is starring in an upcoming Australian horror, titled Prey. Also featuring Ben Kermode, Natalie Walker and Jesse Johnson the film — written by John Soto and George Miller, who also directs — tells the story of three couples who end up lost in the Australian desert… and as if that isn’t bad enough to ruin your holidays, they soon find that they have become prey to some kind of mysterious force which can harness the elements of nature and take possession of the dead in order to get what it wants.

Something tells me that a movie featuring a former Neighbours starlet and a dude (Johnson) who’s resume boasts an appearance in Nash Bridges being hunted through the desert is bound to be a success. Especially when you add the guy who directed ‘Les Patterson Saves the World’ to the mix… the man clearly knows horror! [source]

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    I am shocked that you would claim that that no-talent bimbo is remotely worthy of being classified as an actress.

    That whore and her disgraceful singing partner (the vomit-inducing Shannon Noll), took a beautiful song, Dont Give Up by Peter Gabriel, and turned it into a farcical attempt at ‘class’.

    They butchered the song. She raped Kate Bush’s parts. He bent Peter Gabriel’s song-writing over and proceeded to butt-fuck this song into the realms of complete and utter travesty.

    I will forever, and I mean EVER, boycott, attack and dispute any notion of that whore being anything but an airbrushed, talentless and most importantly irrelevant piece of pop culture feaces.

    Yes. I hate that bitch.

  • oh my… I was unaware of the ‘Dont Give Up’ **cover** Morgs – Having not heard it I’m probably unqualified to comment… Mind you that’s never stopped me before: The fact that Shannon Noll manages to sell even a single copy of his utter garbage is a sure sign that there is no god and indeed no salvation whatsoever for the human race.

    The fact that someone OKed the idea of letting someone like him anywhere near a brilliant Peter Gabriel song is further proof.

    As for her part in the affair, take solace in the idea that there’s an pretty high probability that her character will most likely die a horrible death in this film dude… and if you get the dvd you can watch it over and over.

  • Problem is that her death is not real in the movie…unless I can mastermind some devious ‘filming mishap’.

    /Me Plots.

    Its getting thicker!

  • If anyone could do it Morgs, it’d be you. And not just because they’re filming here in Victoria either!

  • That is good news. Now I know why my mental state has dramatically altered into angry mode. The mere thought of that whore here in my city, makes me angry.

    Now get on MSN and solve my anger sweet-cheeks.

  • Nice.
    Such potty-talk.
    Don’t know the girl and don’t care. Never been one for aussie soaps. There’s never been one made that is worth the time.
    Mind you, some mastermind must have thought her image was marketable and worth prostituting for the almighty dollar (hence the biblical reference to her choice of career)
    Mind you, Morg’s predilection for rape and sodomy to voice his disguist at pulp marketing, says more about his personal taste than his dis-taste.

  • Ass.
    Blow it.
    Out of yours.

  • that was meant to be “a s s”

  • That’ll be enough of that, thank you very much, you two.

  • na-nana-na-na-na!! You got in trouble!!