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EOL: 16 Stitches In My Eye

Yesterday was my one month visit with the surgeon who performed the cornea transplant on my right eye. During the consultation he captured an image of the eye in question and given that I’d been asked more times than I can count if I have a photo I asked if he would be able to email me a copy: which he did. If you’re easily grossed out by this sort of thing you may not want to click the thumbnail below (people can be a little weird about eyes).

The assessment was positive and it appears that the cornea is healing well; apparently there’s only a point one astigmatism — which is evidently “nothing” according to the doctor — however, because the eye still has a lot of healing to do nothing is set in stone, the astigmatism may not change, but then again it could change dramatically. At this point though, I’ll keep my fingers crossed that it all stays on track.

One thing that has surprised me is the lack of interaction required between myself (more specifically, my eye) and the Doc: Yesterday was only the third consultation I’ve had since the surgery and the next isn’t for another two months. I guess I should find that comforting, however the fact is that I’ve never gone through anything like this before so it’s all a little unnerving.

Before you ask, yeah – those stitches do have to be taken out. They remove them a stitch or two at a time in a manner that helps the cornea heal in the right way (think of it like de-tuning a drum). While the stitches do degrade they have to be removed because they can snap and protrude from the eye, causing all sorts of problems.

I’m pretty comfortable with the eye itself at the moment (as in, there’s no pain to speak of), however I keep getting the kind of headaches that would drop a rhino; which is to be expected really, considering I’ve got one eye which is healing nicely and another that is deteriorating faster than Lindsay Lohan.

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  • So I take it that Lindsay Lohan is no longer regarded as ‘eye-candy’…

  • I think you’d be pretty hard pressed to find mention of Lindsay Lohan being considered “eye candy” here on EOL Macca… in fact I think the first time that her name has ever appeared here is in the post above.

    I don’t hate the girl or anything, it’s not that I find her unattractive either (Honestly though, I’m simply not THAT fussy), but you have to admit that she’s on a pretty self destructive path – which is what I was referencing in the post.

    That said – it was a joke… and we’re gonna be here a LONG time if I have to start explaining every stupid comment I make!

  • Whoah! That picture is way cool!

  • Eeek! That is a very cool photo…one to scare small children with, when they come a’visitin.
    Seriously, eyes have a remarkable ability to heal themselves. My eye surgery was a fraction as traumatic as yours (no gnarly stitches) but i was astounded to watch the DVD afterwards…with a mini gardening hoe, the surgeon scrapped back the surface of my eye, like a thick layer of cling wrap, lasered off the offending bits (mmm, smells like chicken) then mashed the cling wrap back into place, none to gently. But still the eye heals!
    And now i have a cool vid to scare small children with.

    P.S. I take offence to the “not THAT fussy” comment. ;-)

  • P.P.S Now, enough about me…what do YOU think of me?
    P.P.P.S Oh, and very glad to hear you’re on the mend, despite the headaches. :-)

  • Yes, I’d have to agree that anything to do with the apparent torture of the eye (my mind has blocked out any real movie names – just the image of a fetching wench strapped into a dentist chair with an eye forced open, staring down the barrel of a smoking soldering iron…) makes me shudder. Right up there with a forced viewing of the latest Herbie the love bug movie. Gawd!! I think I’m going to be sick!!!

  • @Macca; Honestly, despite how freaky the image looks, the surgery really wasn’t that bad (nothing like Herbie or torture). I was conscious for the whole thing (just had a local) and walked out of the hospital less than half an hour after I was wheeled out of the operating room.

    Of course I spent the next week with mucus and gunk oozing from my eye – but apart from that… it was all a walk in the park.

    Mind you, I’m REALLY not looking forward to getting the stitches out!

    @Skewer Girl; Glad to hear that your eye is healing well now, after the troubles you’ve had with it.

    P.S: How can I comment on the “not THAT fussy” comment without giving these other clowns too much information?

  • Keep them guessing. ;-)

  • Yeah. You definitely don’t want to be too picky. Some of the best things in life happen when you slum it occassionally…

  • Right you are Macca. If you look at it like taking a shotgun approach then statistically you’re more likely to *score high* than if you just wait around for the *good stuff*.

    At least that’s what I’m telling myself.

  • Yes, point and shoot. My favourite technique.
    Must know which direction to point first…