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Movie: Different Giant Robots

Years ago, when I first started elroyonline (Back in the days before the word ‘blog’ had been invented) I’d often give out a ‘gold-elroy’ award to something that I thought went beyond the call of freakin awesome. It’s been a long time since I gave one of them make believe little statues out, but yesterday Cinematical introduced me to a movie production company that almost revived that long lost EOL tradition.

What do you get when you combine passable film making skills, a movie title: undeniably derivative of an upcoming blockbuster, and more babes in front of the camera than a Miss Universe pageant? Usually the correct answer is P0RN! But not when we’re talking about the work of my new favourite production company, The Asylum.

These guys appear to specialise in making it to the video store shelf with a movie damn close to that of a blockbuster which is about to hit cinema screens. Their back catalogue boasts titles such as DEAD MEN WALKING, HALLOWEEN NIGHT, DA VINCI TREASURE and SNAKES ON A TRAIN. However none of those floats my boat quite as much as one of their horror titles: VAMPIRES VS ZOMBIES – Which I am totally buying, so expect a review here on EOL at some point.

The reason that The Asylum has come to attention now though, is because of their latest production. Due to hit stores on the 26th of June is Transmorphers: The story of a human uprising which takes place 300 years after the world is conquered giant transfor… erm, transmorphable robots. (check out the trailer, linked in both sources below)

The film stars all the babes shown above as well as a dude named Matthew Wolf, who has the dubious honour of having appeared in my favourite episode of the Discovery Channel series ‘I shouldn’t be alive’ (the one where the Aussie guy gets trapped under a giant boulder and his Dutch mate saves his life: Wolf played the Dutch dude).

I love the fact that many of the actors who appear in The Asylum’s film’s tend to appear in MANY of their movies, not to mention that they also tend to have production credits for anything from writing to editing. While these guy are clearly working with higher production values, I can’t help but be reminded of spirit of the classic Troma films.

I think I’d better start getting a show reel together to send off to these guy. Screw Dreamworks, I want The Asylum on my resume! [source] [source]

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  • Hotdamn! If those three are involved I’m a convert. Or is that pervert?? I always get them mixed up.
    If your life’s ambition is to have your resume and your police record match, then go for it Elroy!

  • I knew that a you, man of such high tastes in all forms of media entertainment, would be enamoured by the almost fatal amount of quality exuded by the work of The Asylum.

    I also knew that putting the word P0RN in a post here at eol would be a sure fire way to get you to read the post! :D