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Movie: Re-Spawn

Spawn creator Todd McFarlane has apparently let it slip that he’s fronting up the development cash for a Spawn 2 script: However by all accounts the film wont actually be a sequel to the 1997 film, instead it’s looking like McFarlane is pulling an Incredible Hulk on us! I don’t mean that he’s turning green in a way that you wouldn’t like him to, but that he’s scrapping all ties to Spawn’97 and starting out fresh.

Now, while this project may be a long way off seeing the big screen the fact that it’s on someone’s mind is pretty exciting, which contradicts the way I usually feel about this sort of thing.

When word came out that there was already talk of a re-imagining of the HULK movie I was pretty disappointed, and I don’t think that I was alone. Regardless of whether you actually enjoyed the 2003 Ang Lee flick, the notion that it is essentially being disregarded by Marvel Enterprises and that 2008’s THE INCREDIBLE HULK (with Edward Norton as Bruce Banner and [maybe] Liv Tyler as Betty Ross) will have no association with it has to leave a bad taste in collective mouths.

Admittedly I’m inclined to cut Marvel some slack over the Hulk re-do, especially given the change of status in regards to the control they’ve taken over the way their intellectual property is bought to the screen.

Todd McFarlane made a name for himself illustrating Spider-man comics for Marvel in the early eighties and nineties. He left Marvel (along with six other artists) in 1992 and at the newly formed Image Comics he revived a character which he’d created back in high school: Spawn. In 1994 he created McFarlane Toys and in 1996 he founded McFarlane Entertainment which collaborated with New Line Cinema a year later to produce the Spawn movie.

Creative control has always been extremely important to McFarlane, indeed it appears to have been the inspiration behind the exodus from Marvel and the establishment of Image Comics. While creative control may or may not have played a part in any potential (direct) sequel to the first Spawn movie ending up in ‘development hell’ for the last 10 years, McFarlane appears to be in a much stronger position now: And that seems to indicate that we may in fact see something come of his desire to ‘reboot’ the movie arm of this franchise.

I think that part of the reason that I’m more welcoming to the idea of a Spawn reboot is that a lot more time has passed since the original movie was released. Also, there have been huge advances in the kind of CGI effects that the first movie utilised so well for the time it was made – All that, plus the fact that Spawn is one of the coolest looking comic book anti-heroes ever. [source]

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