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Logans Run: No Singer for You

Two bits of news that made me smile today: Firstly I had my second follow up with the eye surgeon this morning and he’s extremely happy with the progress that my eye is making. The vision is starting to reach a point where it rivals the former ability of my eye; given that it has only been a week since the operation, that’s pretty cool. My next appointment is in just under a month’s time (unless something goes wrong), however for now — while I am still in a bit of pain — the progress is on track.

The other good news is that Bryan Singer is no longer involved in the remake of Logan’s Run. Now, before anyone accuses me of Singer-Bashing (again) let me explain why I’m seeing this as a good thing:

Would Bryan Singer do a good job of retelling the story from William F. Nolan and George Clayton Johnson 1967 novel? No, I think that Singer would probably do a GREAT job. The problem is WHEN?

Since Singer left the X-Men series in the lurch to run off and nerd-gasm all over Superman Returns [I’m not bitter, honest] he’s been pretty unpredictable. Sure, no more predictable than any other ‘in demand’ film maker, however absent amongst all of the titles jostling for room on his schedule is Logan’s Run.

Personally, I’m far more interested in seeing Logan’s Run than a continuation of the half-baked direction that Superman has headed in and I have almost no interest at all in Valkyrie: Singer’s current World War 2 project (about a plot to assassinate Hitler), staring Tom Cruise.

So, the fact that uber-producer Joel Silver is moving the project forward without waiting around for BS to find the time to get it together is great news. Even cooler is that Silver is apparently in talks with new blood Joe Kosinski. Why cool? Because he’s the guy who directed that awesome “Mad World” promo for Gears of War! And, lets face it, it’s always cool whenever a new guy gets to work on a major project like this… But, whoever works on it (so long as it isn’t Boll or {shudder} Paul WS Anderson) at least the project has some life in it now! [source] [source]

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