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EOL: Giving My Eye One Last Meal

Well, a half expected phone call came through earlier which has meant that I have a little less time to spend with my natural born right eye.

As a result of some rapid deterioration in my left eye the corneal graft that we managed to postpone last year was recently rescheduled to the middle of next month. However after the aforementioned phone call, it’s now been moved to Monday.

Just to clear things up: My right eye is in a worse state than my left – so the idea is to try to repair the right eye with a graft before the left eye gets to a stage where I can no longer see at all.

Anyway, with pretty much just the weekend left before I’m walking about with someone else’s cornea in my head, I’m trying to work out what the best method of ‘sending off’ my cornea is… Of course, given that me and my current corneas are all movie geeks I figure a classic sci-fi marathon is the way to go.

On top of the list is BLADE RUNNER, not only because it is an awesome film, but it has that whole artificial eye sequence going for it too. I’m sure I can crank out a list of ‘Last meal’ movies for my right eye to enjoy before its cornea gets cast into the operating room trash can, but I’m looking for suggestions: Hit the comments with some classic sci-fi that I can send ‘Old Righty’ off with!

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    What about Baraka?

    And then finish it all off with some Pirates of the Caribbean to get some ideas on eyepatch fashion! ZAM!

  • Baraka is a great call there Buzzmoo, but I’m not sure about Pirates of the Caribbean: Great film but I think I’ll go to Snake Plissken for fashion advice in the coming weeks.

  • Snake Plissken!?

    You totally have to go and watch all of John Carpenter’s movies now.

    Or maybe I will.

  • Got to go with “The day the Earth stood Still”. Klaatu Barada Nikto!!
    Oooh!! What about “The Forbidden Planet”??? Leslie Neilson has never played a more convincing part without breaking wind in his entire life!!
    Your cornea will say thank you.

  • @Furious: I think that The Thing was on the list for sure.

    @Macca: A couple of great additions there dude – Forbidden Planet is worth it just for the Disney animation special effects.

  • Okay…it won’t be Dolemite. Don’t do it to yourself, dude!

  • Heck, if your eyes only have one last movie in them, go with ‘Blade Runner’.
    Daryl Hannah has a serious ‘milf-ness’ thing going.
    Gotta love a chick who can play the ‘come-play-with-me’ card with those big, innocent eyes…

  • Yeah, Blade Runner is definitely one film that I really enjoy revisiting and Daryl Hannah certainly makes it less of a chore…

    But man, as hot as she is in that film, she scares the hell out of me – she’s just so… creepy!

  • Skid Kid. best…movie…ever

  • I wonder if your new eyes will have an evil soul, which will make you want to kill red-haired stepchildren?

    But for a film suggestion, me not know. Maybe later.

  • Dude, no matter what brand of soul the new cornea comes with, I’m still planning on blaming every bad thing that I do (from Monday onwards) on the *evil* control that it exhibits over me.

    Was that me looking at porn? Nope – it was Rodriguez the evil cornea.

    Was that me running that red light? Nope – it was Rodriguez the evil cornea.

    I think you see the pattern.

    You wont believe the shit I’m gonna try to pull once the left eye is done (in about 18 months time) too.

  • Ahh..its a fool proof and fool-filled adventure then.

    Start the reactor…quaid…free mars…

  • feel really bad about your eye dude, hope it all goes well.

    You should watch star wars, the whole series :P Good stuff that george lucas made…

    Also, while i’m here, I’m using word press, on c16 too same as this site, and my mail function doesnt work for anything, does yours? my site is

  • Thanks for the suggestion Micmah – Although I’m not sure that the rest of me could handle the last (latest?) three in that series, let alone my eye!

    And, no, mail function doesn’t work for me either.

  • Oh, micmah.

    I don’t think anyone should have to watch the Star Wars films, even without cornea transplants.

  • Blasphemers! This talk is nonsense! :P

    I’m working on finding a fix for it Elroy – I’ll update you if I can find something.

  • Ahh, Hello!? Minority Report followed by Cruel Intentions. That’s your tease me/please me pre-op double all wrapped up! Congratulations belatedly on the op man. Will call soon. Donster.