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Horror: Viruses, Vampires and Blindness

Short of saying “Some time after the year 1980” it’s impossible for me to know when it was that movies involving viruses started to freak me out. I mention 1980 because that was the year that the movie ‘Fukkatsu no hi’ was released.

Better known as simply ‘Virus’, ‘Fukkatsu no hi’ is a gripping film which tells the story of a team of scientists in the Arctic who are the only survivors when a deadly virus is accidentally released on the worlds population.

I think it’s the utter uncontrollability presented by a virus — it’s lack of discrimination or empathy and the absolute omnipresence of the threat — which completely freaks me out about them and makes them so attractive as a plot device.

As I said, I don’t remember when it was exactly or how old I was when I first saw Virus, but it left a lasting effect on me.. So much so that I often avoid movies with such concepts in their premise. Sometimes however, I take a chance and risk a few sleepless nights by seeing a film which I know already has me by my Achilles heal before I see a single frame. Sometimes it pays off.

Children of Men is probably one of my favourite recent Virus-Flicks (that’s what I’m calling them now) as was 28 Days Later. But with Danny Boyle taking only a producer’s credit and writer Alex Garland nowhere to be seen I don’t know that I have the balls to bet on 28 Weeks Later being anywhere near as good as it’s predecessor. So, where can a guy — with a pre-disposition to freaking himself out — like me find his next fix? Well there are at least two Virus-Flicks on the horizon (which have come to my attention) however given that they are still some time away from the screen I’ll do my best not to pass judgement on whether either of them will get me to torture myself by buying a ticket just yet.

Ethan Hawke has signed on to appear in a film, being directed by The Spierig Brothers (Undead), titled DAYBREAKERS.

The film is set in the future, after a whacky plague has turned the majority of the world’s population into blood suckers. With their food supply dwindling various fanged (will they have fangs?) factions are researching alternatives ways to feed the Vampire hoards.

Julianne Moore and Daniel Craig have both signed on to play the co-leads in BLINDNESS. Based on the novel by José Saramago, Blindness tells the story of a town which is struck by a mysterious virus which causes (as the name suggests) loss of sight. Moore plays the only person unaffected by the virus, but fakes having been infected so that she can take care of her husband.

Blindness appears to have the makings of a cool psychological thriller (and Julianne Moore), where as Daybreakers has the whole Vampires angle going for it! Something for everyone! [source] [source]

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    Blindness… sounds a bit like a ‘Day of the Triffids remake’…

  • Dude, that’s exactly what I thought when I read the description of the film!

    But, you know, I really could go for a nice gritty Triffids remake too – in fact I’m surprised that there isn’t one on the cards already.

  • yes, been a while since we’ve been treated to the sight of a pot-plant hopping past the bedroom window…
    Looses some of the scare-effect if it isn’t done just so.

  • Milfness?? C’mon!! I mean, really!! That’s my generation you’re talking about!!

  • Yeah, I loved what they attempted to do in the original Triffids film, but it didn’t quite translate as well as it could have – most probably because of the lack of CGI and Stan Winston at the time.

    That’s why I think a re-make is in order (you wont hear me say that too often either!), because it really could be an awesome horror film if done properly.

    Oh, and YES, It doesn’t matter how close she is to your (or my) age!

    Mother + Hotness = Milfness

  • Just stumbled upon your site and thought I’d add a few comments. Day of the Triffids was made into a mini series as a co-production of the BBC & ABC. I think in the early 80’s. Two other plague/vampire films are (based on Richard Matheson’s I AM LEGEND} Vincent Price in LAST MAN ON EARTH & Charleton Heston in THE OMEGA MAN. Also, if you are looking at plague movies NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD {1968} was not the first but possible most influential film right up untill today.