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Hellboy: Sword of Storms Website (au)

It’s doubtful that the content of any other form of communication can be trusted less than that of an unsolicited email. For example, yesterday an email arrived in my inbox informing me that I am one of only fifteen Australians to be invited to view the new Hellboy Animated (au) website. Am I really one of only fifteen? I can’t say for sure, but the email had an air of legitimacy about it, so I followed its direction and headed to the site to take a poke around.

I’ve never really been a huge Hellboy fan, in fact my first real introduction to the character was in the form of the 2004 live action film and, if I’m being completely open, I really didn’t have much to say about it upon my first viewing. It wasn’t until I watched it a second time that I really enjoyed it — perhaps I was just in a better mood? — and ended up adding it to my DVD shelf.

‘Sword of Storms’ is the latest in a series of Hellboy animated movies which have the ability to boast the involvement of the core live action movie cast (Blood and Iron being another). This latest animated film sees Hellboy transported into the world of Japanese folklore and battle demons intent on taking from him his only means of returning to ‘reality’.

I really like the look of this flick, but sadly the trailer doesn’t really capture the irreverence that the clip embedded on the site shows, so you’re going to have to sign up to the site if you want to get a better feel for the film (drop a comment with your email address if you want an invite).

Either way, I’ll post up a review of the DVD once I can get my hands on a copy… Don’t forget that there is a sequel to the 2004 film in the works too (Hellboy 2: The Golden Army) which is due for release in 2008. [source]

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