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Sequel: Ratnerine?

You’d have to go a long way (or at least load up a few forum pages) before you find anyone who disagrees with the notion that X-Men III (The Last Stand) is the weakest of the X-Men movies. So too would you have to do quite a bit of surfing to find anyone who doesn’t also agree that Superman Returns was, on the whole, pretty weak (I will admit to enjoying at least one or two sequences in it though – if only because they appealed to my inner (and outer) fan-boy).

What is interesting though, is that Ratner, who was hailed as something like the anti-christ of film making when it was announced that he’d be directing the third X-Men instalment, seems to have, for all intents and purposes, come out of X3 with a raised reputation.. by that I mean that, while X3 wasn’t anywhere near as good as the previous (Singer directed) films, it didn’t suck anywhere near as badly as I think most people expected it to.

Conversely, expectations were extremely high for Superman Returns: I guess primarily because Brian Singer is credited with doing such a great job on X1 and X2. However the movie fell seriously short of expectations.. Yeah, it ended up making a decent return at the box office – but how could it not, based on all the hype?

Ultimately, I don’t know how I feel about the rumours that Brett Ratner is set to direct the spin-off Wolverine flick, part of me feels like Ratner deserves to be left alone with this one, he’s out of Singer’s shadow now and I think the best course of action is to take a ‘wait and see’ approach.

Anyway, who else are they going to give the job to? Singer is hardly likely to come back to the franchise, even if he had the time! Ratner knows the territory now and (with the exception of Singer and Joss Whedon, who’s written his share of X-Men comics) is the most qualified guy on the block…

So, before we grab our pitch forks and torches again, lets wait and see, after all, he may not even have the gig! [source]

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    You don’t have to look too far. X3 was the most entertaining film of the 3. X2 had more substance for sure but it dragged at time and honestly where the hell was it going. If you didn’t like X3 then perhaps you should point your fingers to Bryan Singer who screwed over Marvel & Fox by abandoning the X3 project in favor of Superman basically breaking his contract in a loopholish way. He knew Fox was prepping X3 so before he was notified he signed a deal for Superman and took his writers with him…without giving Fox any notice or chance to renegotiate. Ratner came on board with 3 weeks before filming and did an oustanding job. He also did not write the script but added a bit too it. The screenwriters were also told to tie up all of Singers loose ends and bring those storylines to a conclusion knowing the core actors contacts were up and might not be back for an X4. If Singer had any ethics he would have stuck with X3 or at least notified Fox.

  • Oh, I wholeheartedly agree! Just because I believe that X3 is the weakest of the three movies it doesn’t mean that I think it was necessarily bad… In fact much of the point that I was trying to make is that Ratner did a far better job than people were expecting from him and that, because of that, he deserves the Wolverine gig.

    And as far as Singer’s behaviour (towards the X-Men franchise) is concerned: Well, at best they can only be considered the height of douche-bagery.

    I guess that’s pretty much what I was trying to say with the comic.

  • I thought your comic was more punchy than the movie…

  • Ha! Thanks Macca, I thought your comment was funnier than the comic!