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Comix: PowersCosmic No.1

One of the reasons for the posting slowdown here on EOL is because I’ve been working on the design for the new eGames EXPO site, which most likely will mean that I’ll shortly be working on the new eGames BLOG design, should the decision be made to go in that direction again this year (Which, given the response to last years site, I would think it’s a sure thing).

Anyway, I’ve been mulling over the idea of using the ‘elroy’ and ‘furious’ characters in some comics on this site for quite some time now and given that they would be most likely (see first paragraph) making an appearance on the eGames BlOG again this year, I thought it best that I introduce their updated appearance on this site first.

In reality I don’t expect anyone except myself to ever find my stuff amusing and that’s fine with me: My motto when it comes to humour is something like “So long as I find it funny, and no-one else is hurt, that’s all that matters!” – Having said that constructive feedback is always welcome.

I have no idea how regularly I’ll manage to post new strips, but the chances are that I’ll do them reasonably often… especially now that I’ve added the disclaimer about them not having to be funny! :D

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