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Movie: Superchick Flick

When I was brushing up on info for the SHAZAM post that I made the other day, I discovered a couple of interesting things about the origin of a few characters who still make their share of appearances in comics today. One of the tid-bits that I picked up was that both Superboy and Supergirl didn’t appear on the scene until a years after Captain Marvel’s extended family made an appearance in the rival title.

Clearly, to anyone who gives a rats ass about these types of things, the very existence of Superboy and Supergirl goes against the whole premise behind the Superman character… For one, the vision of Superboy flying about with his friggin superdog doesn’t fit in with the fact that Superman didn’t appear until Clark Kent sought to disguise his identity while performing super feats after moving to Metropolis. And, well the idea that Supergirl just so happens to be Kar-el’s cousin and her WHOLE CITY just so happens to have survived the destruction of Krypton AND she just so happens to have ended up on Earth too is all just a little too hard to buy: Even for a guy like me, who is quite happy to accept that an office full of reporters can’t tell the difference between Clark Kent and Superman just because he’s wearing glasses!

At least now-days the Superboy getting around in the DC Universe (DCU) is his own man, in so much as he’s a clone of Superman (of sorts), and as such is an entirely separate character. His existence in the DCU is ‘buyable’, he doesn’t tread all over cannon, and his existence is explained in as acceptable a manner as that whole glasses thing.

Supergirl too has been re-invented several times in modern comics, however most of those re-inventions have ended up being erased from the DCU.. then bought back only to be erased again… sort of.

Whatever the ‘accepted’ origin of Supergirl currently is (is she from Krypton? Was she sent to kill Kar-El or protect him? Is she a Angel? Is she made of goo?) all that may be redefined once again if there’s any truth in the rumour posted on According to the post Warner Bros. has already commissioned a script for a Supergirl movie which one would suspect, unlike Superman Returns, will completely disregard it’s film history: The dodgy 1984 flick which starred Helen Slater.

While joblo doesn’t have too much solid information (and I suspect that no-body actually does) the one name that they seemed to think was associated with the project is Battlestar Galactica’s Tricia Helfer. Helfer is currently 33 years old, which puts her out of the running to play the traditional teenage version of Supergirl however, to be honest, the character would probably work a lot better as a more mature, less teeny-bopper, vehicle.

Anyway, at this point I’ll not be putting too much faith in the rumours about this project moving forward… however I WILL be putting some very serious time into thinking about Tricia Helfer in the Supergirl costume. [source]

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    Helen Slater….

  • Ah, yes Macca she certainly did use her super powers (or at least her super costume) to help more than one of us survive puberty… Sadly she’s apparently distanced herself from the role of supergirl (and all those involved with it) so it’s not likely that we’ll see her do a cameo in this latest version, should it ever be made.

  • such a waste of talent.