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Movie: No Justice Without Bruce

Trying to keep up with casting and greenlight rumours on the internet now-days is like jumping into a washing machine and trying to write on a grain of rice with a marker when the thing hits the rinse cycle: Sure the suds are refreshing, but all you really end up with is a concussion and black ink everywhere… Well, actually, the only reason that those two things ARE alike is that you’re a dickhead if you try to do either of them.

I’m not sure if it’s because I’ve been extremely busy lately or if things really have been going a little off track. I mean, the Superman Sequel verse the Justice League movie stuff alone has been almost impossible to keep up with, not to mention that there’s yet another ‘front runner’ in that Wonder Woman debacle that wont seem to end.

The one rumour that did catch my attention (and had me almost buckle under the weight of the massive nerd-depression that it caused), was the one which suggested that instead of in a sequel to Superman Returns the next time we’d see Brandon Routh put on the blue suit would be in a Batman-less Justice League movie: Just so we’re clear, the depression was caused by the idea of a Batman-less Justice League flick and not the notion that we wouldn’t be seeing another ‘Superman and son’ crapfest… So help me, if they try to spin that shyte into a ‘Superboy’ franchise then I’ll be forced to make a post about what a shit idea I think it is… And no-body wants that!

I have to say though, I do like the idea of a Justice League flick, but as I’ve mentioned many times before, I just can’t see it happening. To begin with, if they didn’t have all of the ORIGINAL characters (Supes, Batman, Wonder Woman, Flash, Aquaman, Green Lantern and Martian Manhunter) then the pooch, as they say, would be screwed to begin with – So the fact that there are current movie franchises which establish actors in the roles of Superman and Batman stands to work against this whole deal… Now, there was some talk that both Routh and Christian Bale were contracted to appear in a Batman vs Superman movie (which has since been taken off the table) and that those contract could be spun over to a JLA feature instead, but while that would solve one major problem, I can’t seen either of their management companies allowing that to happen with out a renegotiating.

However, a JLA movie could really help with getting some of the current DC projects moving along. With an ensemble movie like that characters like Flash, Wonder Woman and Green Lantern could be cast and introduced to audiences without having to ‘foot the bill’ all on their own. Basically the JLA movie could stand as a spawn point for those characters to break away and make their own films should the JLA movie prove successful (effectively mirroring what Marvel are now doing with the Wolverine film).

It all comes back to those licensing issues which will ultimately see this kind of project disappear up the rear of some licensees legal team… I mean, if the people making Smallville can’t get permission to have a pre-batman Bruce Wayne make an appearance and weren’t even allowed to call their flash character ‘Flash’ I wont hold my breath waiting for an original character cast JLA movie to hit the big screen. [source] [source]

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