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Movie: Kyle Reese in T4?

This wont come as any real surprise to anyone, but along with the Terminator television series, there’s also a fourth movie instalment in the works. And if I’m understanding things correctly (highly doubtful) this could be the movie that I’ve been waiting for ‘them’ to make since I first rubbed my greasy eyeballs up against the very first film… In all it’s Lance Henriksen featuring brilliance.

Amidst all the talk about Arnie being contracted to appear in the next Terminator film (most likely as little more than a cameo) there’s been a nugget of gold dropped in more than one article on the subject. That nugget is that the fourth Terminator film is set quite some time after the events of Terminator 3 – So much so that neither Claire Danes or Nick Stahl will be returning to their roles because the characters, should they appear in the plot, will be substantially older.

One would suspect that including the John Connor character would be necessary to maintain some connection with the earlier films.. However (and this is pure speculation on my part), it could also be possible that we’ll see the Kyle Reese character again as we reach a point in the story where events start to mesh in with those from the first film.

For those not as obsessed with these things as yours truly: In the first Terminator film John Connor, leader of the resistance against the machines, sent another member of the resistance (Kyle Reese) back to 1984 to prevent a T800 Terminator (also sent back in time: Indeed this could even be the part of the film in which Arnold Schwarzenegger makes his appearance) from killing John’s mother. Where the whole thing gets a little whacky is that Reese and John’s mother (Sarah Connor) hit it off and end up.. well, making John.

Something else also established in the first film was that there are many models of the T800 style terminator getting about in the future – We actually get to see one of them in a ‘flash-forward’ sequence. Now, if I recall correctly, the T1000 from Terminator 2 was the only prototype of that particular type of terminator and while I’m not sure whether a similar statement was made about the T-X (Kristanna Loken) in T3, my hope is that they drop all that magic-morphing-crap from this fourth film and give us a Terminator movie that looks more like the future sequences that we saw in the first film.

Now that the hunt is on for an actor to be the face of the ‘new terminator’ my hope is that someone involved in the project actually takes a look back at the first, and most awesome, Terminator film and manages to wrap their head around the notion that by this stage in the arc we’re not talking about AN actor, we’re talking about an ARMY of actors… Heck, they could even be ‘retro-terminators’, like the 600 series, they had rubber skin. We spotted them easy. [source]

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    Very exciting!! I was in year 12 at school and actually played hooky on the day it was released so I could see it first. It is a film that has always held my imagination and was thrilled when they announced that T2 was in the pipeline.
    To push the development of the character even further, who do you envision would ‘fit the suit’ for the T600 or T800 series machines?
    Who is big enough and wooden enough to carry off the mechanical role?

  • Well, I think you’re pretty much got the whole WWF or any other wrestling organisation to pick from when it comes to big wooden dudes!

    Seriously, someone like Ben Jensen (Sabretooth from the first xMen film) or.. Hell, what about getting Franco Columbu back (he’s the guy who played the Terminator in Reese’s ‘flash-forward’) he’s still around! I mean, if Arnie can still play the T800, why can’t that guy?

  • I thought Ben Jensen was a stunt man/coordinator…

  • Yeah, that what he does most of the time – He’s worked with Arnie on a few films too – sadly though, he ventures into the field of acting from time to time. Well, by ‘acting’ I mean that he has lines and he stands in front of a camera when he says them.

    Now that I think about it, he’s probably got most of his acting tips from Arnie while they were working together!