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Stargate: More Sci-fi Refugees

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Stargate: More Sci-fi Refugees

Sure I’m happy about the fact that, even though Stargate SG-1 is going off the air, the team featured in the show will continue to have adventures in movie form, but I think I’d still be happier with the show staying on the air. I mean, I’d rather see 22 episodes a year, than a 2 hour movie every now and again. However, until somebody comes to their senses and puts me in charge of making these kinds of decisions, then I’ll just have to be thankful that the show isn’t completely vanishing like so many great series that have come (and gone) before it.

The good news is that Amanda Tapping’s character (Samantha Carter) will be joining the cast of the SG-1 spin off, Stargate Atlantis. Of course there are plenty of opportunities other SG-1 alumni to stroll through the Atlantis gate too, but at this point only Tapping has been drafted to the Pegasus galaxy.

Now, while I’m happy that the Sam Carter character is going to continue to grace our screens, it seems to me that Atlantis’ cast already has ‘the smart one’. Of course, Rodney McKay (the aforementioned ‘smart one”, played by David Hewlett) has a massive crush on Carter, so that could lead to some fun character interplay: Something that the writers of Atlantis do very well. But, in my mind, the Daniel Jackson character (played by Michael Shanks) seems like he would be a better ‘fit’ for Atlantis.

What’s always struck me as odd about the ‘staff’ at the Atlantis base is that there’s a distinct lack of ‘explorers’ – Sure, they are up to their eyeballs in scientists, but unlike the SG-1 cast, there’s a distinct element missing: Both have a ‘smart one’ (Carter/Mckay), both have a ‘flies by the seat of his pants, quick quipping hero’ (Mitchell standing in for O’Neil/Sheppard), both have an alien warrior who has joined the team (Teal’c/Ronon and Teyla)… but only SG-1 has an explorer (Jackson)! Not to mention that the Jackson character has made no secret of the fact that he’s interested in exploring what Atlantis and the Pegasus galaxy have to offer.

I’m not suggesting that Atlantis is breaking rules or anything, in fact the show has been getting stronger with each season, but it just seems to me that the Atlantis base’s human resource manager needs to take a good look at all the doubling up on the payroll!

Speaking of which, it’s happening again! Not only is Amanda Tapping adding to the ‘hot chicks with brains’ quota on Stargate Atlantis, but former Firefly engineer Jewel Staite has signed up to appear in eight episodes as a the base’s new doctor.

Oh, and just so we’re clear… I’m not complaining! [source]

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