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Movie: Indy Jnr vs Mummy Jnr

A few weeks back I posted some guff about the new Indiana Jones flick and how it appeared that Indy would be getting to the box office at around the same time as the next instalment of the Mummy series. Well, it appears that there are a couple more things that the two films have in common and, while I hate to say it, it looks like this could spell the end for the Mummy – How indy fairs is anyone’s guess.

So, what’s the commonality? Other than the whole boy’s own adventure style that the movie franchises both have going for them? Well, from what AICN is suggesting, that common factor may be the ‘boy’ in that adventure, with the rumoured (yes, another one) casting of Shia La Beouf (iRobot, Constantine) as Indiana’s son.

If true, the appearance of Indiana Jones’ son would mark the first appearance of the third generation of Jones (for those trying to keep up) which would, under normal circumstances, send a shudder of fear down the spine of this movie fan – However, for some inexplicable reason, I can’t help but cut this project a whole lot of slack and I actually don’t mind the idea that they are planning to introduce another generation. Some time ago there was even talk of Natalie Portman expressing interest in playing Indy’s daughter – again, an idea that, in my mind, had some merit.

Lets face it, this IS going to be the last ‘real’ Indiana Jones movie, unless they shoot IJ4 and IJ5 concurrently: Otherwise I just can’t see Harrison Ford, George Lucas and Senior Spelbergo coming together to make another one. So, there’s a really good chance that they’ll want to ‘hand off’ the franchise to a new character and who better than Jones’ son (or daughter – anything that means more screen time for Nat!)… But I’m getting way to far ahead of things, all we know for sure at this point is, well, nothing. But lets accept that there’s a pretty good chance that Indy’s son will be making an appearance in IJ4. Which brings us to the next instalment of The Mummy…

Anyone who managed to sit through The Mummy Returns knows that Brendan Fraser and Rachel Weisz’s character managed to spawn an annoying little prat of a kid… which actually feels pretty right. I mean, you know, if those two ever did actually produce offspring. Anyway, it’s not at all a stretch to then read that the kid will appear as primary character in The Mummy 3. Now, what does make shudder of fear down the aforementioned spine is the fact that neither Fraser nor Weisz are confirmed as being involved in this project. There have been almost as many rumours surrounding their involvement in The Mummy 3 as there have about the casting of an additional family member for Doctor Jones, but what does seem to be almost certain at this point is that The Mummy 3 is starting to look a hell of a lot more like a spin-off than a sequel… Heck, it’s not even set in Egypt: is reporting that the script sees the story take place in China and that Jet Li will be playing the mummy.

Who knows? Maybe the ‘fresh’ writing team of Miles Millar and Alfred Gough; Rob Cohen in the director’s chair and the change of setting will breath new life into the franchise? Personally I think it was the chemistry between Fraser and Rachel Weisz that made the first film work so, of the two upcoming films, Indy 4 is the one that has my interest and I’m afraid that the mummy may be dead and buried – HA! [source] [source]

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