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Kevin Smith: Soulless Bounty Hunter

Kevin Smith is stalking me. Okay, clearly that isn’t true at all, however lately he seems to have been coming up quite a bit in conversations I’ve had with people and in articles I’ve read online. Would I want Kevin Smith stalking me? No thanks, and I very much doubt that he’d be very interested in the gig either.

While I am a huge fan of his work its taken me quite a while to warm up to the notion that there now exists a second Clerks film. It isn’t that I’m one of those people who felt that Smith was somehow attempting to flog a dead horse by returning to the ‘View Askewniverse’ one more time (It’s his friggin universe, he can do whatever he likes there!), it was just that I wasn’t sure if I was ready to go there again yet: I do that sometimes, even when I’m really keen on seeing a film I’ll deliberately hold off until such a time as I can re-discover it again, devoid of the hype (or anti-hype, as the case maybe) which may have existed around the time of its release.

Anyway, I finally gave in and bought the Clerks II special edition DVD the other day (once again completing my View Askew collection) and will confess to being more than a little surprised by how much I enjoyed the film – But that’s a completely different post, right there.

One of the great things about the special edition version of the Clerks II DVD is the utterly ridiculous amount of of extras that they managed to pack onto it. There are introductions by Smith and Scott Mosier to just about everything, most of which are either informative, amusing or, on occasion, both. However the two bonus goodies that I enjoy the most are the extended version of a conversation between Randal and Dante (For those playing at home: it’s in the car after the trip to the go-cart track) and a doco about the making of Clerks II in which Kevin goes into quite a bit of detail about why he ultimately walked away from directing the Green Hornet flick in favour of working on his own, smaller, projects.

Why this somehow feels relevant to me now, is that I’ve just read that Smith will be directing a TV pilot for CW. The show is one of those comedy/drama mixes about a 21 yr old who discovers that his parents sold his soul (when he was a baby) and now he has to work as a ‘bounty hunter’ for the devil, tracking down soul who’ve escaped from hell. While this doesn’t connect with Green Hornet in any significant way, it, coupled with the fact that Smith’s next film project is set to be a (currently untitled) horror film, does suggest that we can expect Smith’s style to expand beyond what we’ve seen from him already (although, to be fair, Jersey Girl was a departure of sorts).

Perhaps such ‘exploration’ will bring Smith back to the table when it comes to directing some other superhero film? My guess is that Green Hornet will be off the table (and on screens, hopefully) before Smith feels ready to direct a big budget studio title, so it would probably have to be some other crime fighter (totally should have been Daredevil). Whatever character it is, if it ever is, I really hope we get to see Smith try his hand at a comic-book adaptation as I can’t help but think that the guy was born to direct that genre of film. [source]

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