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Series: Terminator 2.5

It’s only the vaguest of recollections, but I can remember some discussion from a while ago pertaining to a television series being developed around the Terminator franchise. Well, with the announcement that Thomas Dekker (the nerdy friend of the cheerleader in HEROES) has been cast as John Connor in a series, titled “The Sarah Connor Chronicles” it’s a pretty safe bet that things have progressed beyond the discussion stage!

The series, which follows on from the point at which the film Terminator 2 left of, stars Lena Headey (The Brothers Grimm, Imagine You & Me) as Sarah Connor.

Josh Friedman is credited with writing the show’s pilot and if his work on the screenplay for War of the Worlds is anything to go by, then the series may actually have the kind of tone required for it to work as part of the Terminator story. The series also sports a fairly large slab of credibility by way of David Nutter. David Nutter has worked on some of the best television shows to have had screen time over the last 20 years. Sure some haven’t ended up having very much screen time, and there are one or two complete turkeys in his resume (I’m looking at you MANTIS!) but his recent works have been exceptionally solid and anyone with their name in the credits of SPACE: Above and Beyond (for obvious reasons) and MILLLENNIUM is A-OK in my book.

While I can’t help thinking that “The Sarah Connor Chronicles” is walking a very fine line between working and being a complete dud, I also have to acknowledge that all three of the movies have walked the same line: Of course each of those film met the challenge with varying levels of success. Where “The Sarah Connor Chronicles” (or T2.5 as I’ve been calling it… in my head) will have to prove itself is in the casting of Lena Headey. No matter how good the writing or direction of this show is it’s Lena who has to win the Terminator fans over by fill the ridiculously buff shoes left by Linda Hamilton… cause, seriously – I’m looking at images of her and can hear even Arnie saying “Sarah Connor?… Really?” [source]

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