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Blade Runner: Infinite Lifespan?

This is either the best DVD release news ever, or an impending sign of the apocalypse… Blade Runner, one of the first ever, and completely crappy, DVDs to have been released (back in 1997) is set to be restored, remastered and re-released in September. The problem is that there are two red flags waving over this news. The first is that the initial September release will ONLY be of the 1992 version of the Blade Runner (the Directors Cut) and that you’ll only be able to purchase this issue for a short period of time (a couple of months).

The last thing we need is Ridley Scott pulling a George Lucas on us…

The Second is that it is being replaced by a NEW version of the film dubbed the “Final Cut”… which is what really scares me! The last thing we need is Ridley Scott pulling a George Lucas on us and ruining a classic (or three) – Only time will tell if this new cut will equate to an improvement or the detriment of the film.

It’s not all precarious news though! After a short stint in cinemas this new ‘Final Cut’ version of Blade Runner will hit DVD shelves in a multi disc special edition release, which will include the 1992 version (the Directors Cut) AND the original theatrical cut of the film! That’s the winner right there people! While the ‘Directors Cut’ was a great take on the movie, I’ve always been a fan bigger of the original release. Something about the narration always made the film feel more like an early detective film to me.

So, while I’m apprehensive about the new version of the film, it’s going to be great to finally own a good quality DVD version the original.. Now, if only someone could manage the same with Yellowbeard! [source]

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