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Returning to the Vault!

Some of you may remember that a few weeks ago I pried open the ‘classic idiot vault’ – Well the fact that the only thing that we found in there last time was complete crap hasn’t stopped me from dredging up more of it!

The year is 1994. In a land forgotten by time…. That’s right, Adelaide!

This epic tail, only recently uncovered, sheds some light on to the origin of modern man….. well, the truth is that all we really know is that we were young, drunk, far away from home, drunk, we had a video camera, a mini-bus and we were drunk… Sit back, relax and enjoy “Jurassic idiot”

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    Jurassic Idiot

  • Thanks
    Insightful as always Grim! keep up the good work!

  • teehee

  • ..
    Well.. I was thinking about a five page critic review, but I was tired.

  • ack