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EOL: Icon Gallery Updated

With the permission of their repective developers I’m jumping the gun a little bit and updating the OS X icons page here at elroyonline with four more icons. Three of the icons are for apps that Wincent Colaiuta has developed (or is currently developing) and the other is for an application that was created by another Mac developer, Jamie Curmi.

The icon for Jamie’s app, Minimax, was created quite some time ago, but because it was for a commercial application which hadn’t been released to the public I was hesitant to add it to the icon page, however Jamie now assures me that it’s fine to whip it out in public.

The icons for Wincents apps are a different story though. The ‘Clipboard Commando’ icon was created back in 2004 when Wincent first discussed the idea of the application with me, he expressed a desire to use the Darwin mascot, Hexley, so we approached Jon Hooper and he was kind enough to grant his permission. The reason that I’m adding the icon gallery now is because Wincent assures me that it will be released soon.. ish.

To some Mac users the third icon will look familiar. That’s because it’s the updated version of the original Synergy icon which is set to debut with the next update to Synergy (classic), which will be version 3.0.

Finally, the newest icon of the lot, another app for Wincent (who clearly spends way too much time developing) is for REnamer. While there are a million file renamers out there, REnamer sets itself apart by having two capital letters at the start of it’s name. No, seriously… The R and the E are capitalized because they stand for ‘Regular Expressions’, which, if you know anything about Regular Expressions means that you have some extremely selective and somewhat intelligent control over how the app performs.

For more information about these apps, or any of the other applications that I’ve designed icons for, click the icons on the OS X icons page.

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