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UT Mapping revived!

Well, it’s been quite some time since I’ve pulled the ‘mapping’ topic out of the moth balls… But with UT2K3 the hottest item on the games shelf this week, and my fervent desire to ‘get back to mapping’, the time has finally arrived.

I had the opportunity to take the new editor for a bit of a run yesterday (before even bothering to fire up the game) and am blown away – easy, stable, fast… sounds like a girl I once went out with!! Anyway, after some initial poking around, I began work on my first UT2K3 map.

Potentially titled CTF-Hyperion][, this map is huge – it’s the map I’ve always wanted to make. But don’t expect it to be released until someone (Roy?) has created a vehicle mod, with a nice jeep or something. There are going to be plenty of rivers, cliffs, trees. etc and plenty of roads to defend and high tail it along in aforementioned jeep. That said the map still has tons of work to go before it’s anywhere near ‘playable’ (although I have been hooning about in the Bulldog).

Here are a couple of (in editor) screen shots of just a small corner of the map so far:

Got questions?: Then send ’em in! – We’re warming our brains up for another update to Ask An Idiot

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    looks awesome… but it also sounds like you want to make your own version of Halo!

  • Sure thing!
    Just like Halo – only better physics and I can play online and with Bots!

    And UT2K3 looks so much sweeter! (In my humble opinion!)

  • Soon enough I’ll post some jazzed up shots of what I’m working on.


  • I ‘bought’ Ut2 on Saturday (see my ownzoring Screenshots at TFM) and UnrealEd doesnt work!!

    whats wrong Elroy!?!?

  • What OS are you running it on?

  • hey knuckle head…
    Have you downloaded the editor patch?