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Turbo winds down

After a considerable struggle against a mystery illness Turbo finally lost his fight for life in the small hours of this morning. He is survived by the remaining x-Crabs – Helmet, Blackie, Argyle, Whitie, Slug, Spike and Spotz.

Despite their grief the remaining x-Crabs issued this statement:

Turbo was a great friend and a integral member of the team. He will be miss more than we can express.

When asked if the x-Crab will continue to fight crime in Turbo’s absence and if Turbo would be replaced Helmet replied:

There will always be a need for the x-Crabs, so long as there are villains out there, like The Romulans, who think that they are above the law. We can never replace Turbo – will we be bringing in a new member of the team? only time will tell Elroy, and it will take some time for the team to be able to make that decision.

Barberella and I will also miss Turbo. He had a whole lot of personality packed into that little shell.

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    Im sorry:*(
    Hey, I feel really bad about the crab dying. I hope everything gets better.

  • The Romulans
    My condolences :(

    Oh well back to plotting your no-good commi downfall, Elroy.

  • *is lost for words*

  • Turbo R.I.P.
    The rugrats will miss Turbo!

  • um…
    Um, it’s dead… That doesn’t typically turn around…

  • so sad…
    The surviving x-crabs seem to be grammatically changed…was that turbo’s expertise?

    “He will be [B]miss[/B] more…”